Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Boycott Kyle Sandilands

A young talented sports tv presenter has been chastised and forced to the point of resignation by Kyle Sandilands and his cohorts. Sandilands has a history of bullying people on air and off.It's got me buggered why his employer thinks that his behavior is OK . As a society we must draw a line in the sand and put a stop to this type of bullying .I am sure that the young people that Sandilands and Jacki O appeal too see this behavior as ratification for bullying. I call on the companies that advertise and support Sandilands to withdraw their advertising. Go to another station that doesn't promote bullying.
If someone is advertising on his program these advertisers should be highlighted so we can avoid their products as a protest not just for Erin Molan but for all people that are or have been victims of Kyle Sandilands. We must stop the money that gives this guy the forum to bully. He obviously hasn't learnt from his previous transgressions.
Erin Molan is a talented sports and television presenter. She has behaved with dignity and walked away from her role on Kyle Sandilands program. Kudos to her for taking the position she has.
Please support by lobbying with me to get the advertisers to withdraw their support of Sandilands and his program. This is similar to what Charlotte Dawson went through, and why Charlottes law was made. It is part of the reason we need organisations like Beyond Blue.
Boycott Kyle Sandilands!