Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Bugwan nostra dicko quotes

"Without direction you could wander aimlessly"
"Perfection should not be feared it is eternally elusive"
"release the camels"
"be gone infidels"
"Sieze today withour fear of failure and don't look back"
"Try to walk the tightrope between optimism & pessimism"
"For true sucess focus must divert distraction"
"The most simple things can be extraordinary if your in good company"
"Forget looking for your past its long gone"
"Your destination is not preordained your actions create it" 
 " You must allow yourself to aspire or you may as well retire."
"Own your inspiration, use your motivation to chase your aspiration and block your hesitation."
"its not the end of the world but Armageddon out of here"

"The bugwan is so intelligent even he has no idea what he is talking about"

"ignorance costs more than a good education"

"if you accept defeat before trying you will never be the difference"

"In the grand scheme of things you are not significant ,anarchy is the logical outcome"
" It only takes one snow flake to start an avalanche be that snow flake"
"If you never raise the bar how will you learn how high you can jump"
" Maybe ASADA can investigate the meat content of the pies. I think they have been injecting them with sauce for ages"
"True inspiration comes from perspiration!" 
"Existentialism is pretty good when your in good company the true test is when your home alone in a black out"
"Not bitter I just swallowed a lemon"
"Close your eyes and Imagine"
"Just an observation nothing personal.If you need twitter to verify who you are. You're in real danger of disappearing in your own orifice*
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