Monday, 11 August 2014

Carpe diem

I have personal experience with depression my father was diagnosed in 1983 with bipolar. The tragic loss  of Robin Williams today is another glowing example that nobody is immune from the highs and lows that this debilitating depression . To those who marveled at the talent of Robin both on the big screen and on stage this battle may surprise. He seemed so indestructible on screen. He bounced off those around him and drew laughter out of any situation. How can some one so happy be so sad.? How can some one so loved feel so alone? How can any situation seem so forlorn that death can seem the only choice? For most the reality is we just don't get it. We cannot fathom what it is like to be this high. Nor can we imagine what it is like to be so alone.

Robin Williams irrespective of how he has left  should be remembered as a prodigious talent. A man who suffered and struggled with demons yet still managed to "seize the day" squeezing all the comedic juice from almost all situations he confronted. He was a wonderful actor from a teacher to a serial killer any character he played was credible. He brought joy to many of us with his humor . Many comedians I am sure will say in the coming days that this man was the reason they chose the comedic career path.

The world should mourn the loss of a comedic genius. Robin should be remembered not for his flaws but for his gifts. Today sadly the world is a little less appealing than it was last night. It is horrible to think that some one who had so much to offer the world can be lost to it so easily. 

No matter how low you get you should always know that there are people around you that care.That what feels broken, irreparable can be restored. This doesn't only apply to possessions it applies to us. Fair well Robin you made me laugh you made me cry I will remember you fondly til the day I die.