Sunday, 10 August 2014

Government should Intervene.

Irrespective of the adoption laws outside of Australia. I believe there is sufficient evidence to suggest the recent surrogacy saga is a shambolic situation. The Australian Government should intervene. Does a convicted sex offender have parental rights? What is the likely hood this man is still a risk to children? How can people go outside of the country to circumvent our laws? Once somebody has served their sentence what right do any of us  have to judge what is ok and what isn't?

Personally I think a person who commits any sexual offence against another person particularly a child should forfeit any right to paternity.I believe my feelings would be widely supported in the community. This in one respect doesn't sit comfortably with me. It is in conflict with our system. Perhaps a system that expects people to reform is the problem. People can be forgiven some things. There are some lines that once crossed are forever blurred. Statistically I don't know what the chances are of an offender of this type of crime being truly reformed. To be quite frank I wouldn't be willing to risk putting my faith in something like that.

I worry about our laws allowing people to travel overseas to circumvent existing laws. Surrogacy is from what I know a complicated process with a gamut of emotional issues that need to be addressed for the process to work. I am sure that this is the reason our laws have not properly addressed surrogacy in Australia. This situation shows just how wrong this process can go. It should probably be used as a template for what not to do.

I hope our Government exercises the right to intervene in this case. The safety of both these children should be the primary focus. I am sure there are plenty of suitable candidates available to adopt one or both of these children. To give them both every chance of a positive and fruitful life.

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