Sunday, 10 August 2014

ASADA scandal!

Storm in a tea cup!

I've been watching it all unfold like the soap opera it has become. Essendon footy club decided to run a cutting edge supplement program. No big deal . Everything is above board. All the clubs are trying to find that edge.That 1 thing to make the difference. Everyone does the altitude training now. Everyone is across the talent pool in the draft. How can we find the winning edge?
So the club sourced the people it thought would do the trick. Stephen Dank was the alleged guru of supplements the club put their faith in. He was to ensure that the supplements were fully compliant with the governing body. Dank has maintained the supplements were compliant in every door stop interview he has given. He also says that records were kept.
The Australian Crime Commission has a big press conference in February 2013. The darkest day in Australian sporting history reporting organised crime & drugs in sport. Between February and August the issue has several lulls and flare ups .The issue appears from the outside to have become a political football. With plots and sub plots.
Essendon Football Club have not been found guilty of anything,accept poor governance. The fallout for the club was huge. Gone chairman David Evans CEO Ian Robson ,Danny Corcoran head of football, Dean Robson head of high performance and Stephen Dank biochemist and sport scientist. Coach James Hird suspended for 12 months with pay much to the annoyance of Andrew Dimetriou. Club doctor Bruce Reid had charges withdrawn. Essendon F C was fined$2,000,000.

ASADA is investigating as to is the Victorian Workcover Authority though I have heard no mention of VWA since. ASADA is a independent governing body yet it seems to be working with the AFL against Essendon. Information seem to be being leaked from both camps trying to gain leverage. I do not agree with the conduct of ASADA. They are meant to be the independant . After a lengthy investigation they issue show cause notices. So they are asking players that have already been interviewed to incriminate themselves. The incredible thing about the investigation is the key figure Stephen Dank I believe has never been interviewed by ASADA.
To me looking from the outside it appears there is no evidence the players were given anything outside of the rules. There is a lot of rumor and innuendo but nothing factual. If there was then the players would have been charged already.
No doubt there will be more to this soap opera before it ends. The players don't have to answer the show cause notices pending the outcome of proceedings regarding the legality of the joint Investigation between ASADA &AFL into the supplements given to Essendon players.
This is my take on whats happened so far. I think based on what I've seen that James Hird and the Essendon Footy Club including the people that lost their jobs have got the rough end of the stick.