Monday, 4 August 2014

I just went through hell. Trying to purchase a domain name for a site I have not opened yet. The purchase of the domain name cost $13 for 2 years. Not bad I thought. Now I can open my website under this name. Wrong! Just because you own something on the World wide web doesn't mean you can use it.Crazy domains crazy by name and by nature it would seem. I bought the domain name then when i realized I couldn't use it I phoned the company to be refunded. I was put through to the Philippines.  My domain name is It is in a vegetative state at crazy domains.  I told the operator that I purchased the name to use not for it to be held on my behalf for future generations to use. It took me almost 45 minutes to establish the name of my website with the operator. Her understanding of the vowels and where they fit in the English language was less than desirable. She was not going to refund me even though I purchased it to be my website and that wasn't happening.
So I have filed it and wont be using Crazy Domains for anything in the foreseeable future. I will be seeking another host when I do decide to take my experience to the world wide web.
Last night I bought a host and a domain from blue host .I was bulk billed with several add on products that I never new existed. Not only was I overcharged apparently, I was locked in to a 3 year deal. When I saw my account I contacted billing immediately and asked for a refund.  I'm sorry sir but it is not possible at the moment you have to contact us at 6.45 mountain time. Actually it was between hours of mountain time but I was lost at mountain so it made no difference. The website of blue host said if I wasn't happy I could get a refund there was no mention of mountains. So eventually after i had some sleep I made contact with blue host when the mountain was in range and started to seek the elusive refund.  On a chat link g'day I'm  Mark I just want to get a refund I've been bulk billed and I'm not happy. You will have to log in and fill in this form. Mate I just want a refund there was no mention of mountains or forms it just said refundable at any time. I try to log in and I'm locked out .I'm just about to snap finally I get to the form. Then the form doesn't work properly so the operator says he can look after it. I didn't say WTF but I was thinking it. Blue Host can kiss my ass,their customer care would make the Dalai Lama aggressive.