Friday, 15 August 2014

JOE HOCKEY When you're wrong you're wrong.

So with in the space of 24 hours Our treasurer has first alienated the underclass by saying that poor people don't drive and if they do they don't drive far. An irrational observation, yes. Unfairly tarring people with a brush for any reason isn't a great idea.
When presented with the opportunity to retract his blatantly wrong observation he stood his ground. Claimed he was right that poor people didn't drive.
24 hours later after his party was distancing itself from his comments .He gets on 2gb and does an about face. What was the motivation .He is selling the idea that he had an epiphany. This is not the case. He realized he was on the nose he saw his colleagues shy away from his comments.
Why is this bad? It's bad because he has now lied to smooth it over. He still believes what he originally said he just wants to save his career.
The liberal party is  falling apart in front of our eyes. The minster for health & sport is worse than Joe Hockey. The PM is parading around the world trying to appear relevant. Mean while Australia is slowly unraveling through poor decision making.

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