Monday, 11 August 2014

No substance a lot of fluff.

Our Prime minister has been strutting around like an emu since being elected. His ministers are not doing their jobs,he is not doing his. While the Prime ministers focus has been on the MH 17 disaster . A number of issues remain in limbo at home. Lives are at stake.

The MH 17 disaster is a senseless waste of human life. Many people have been pontificating the leader ship Tony Abbott has shown during this disastrous event.  I have not been impressed. He waited almost a fortnight before deploying federal police to secure a sight that had been looted. He then almost deployed the Armed forces to secure the safety of the federal police. I concede the repatriation of the victims bodies was and is of great importance.  I believe that this process had taken place prior to the deployment of our federal police. So was this deployment necessary or was it political grandstanding. I believe that the relevant experts have been sent to  perform the identification process there is no doubt about the circumstances of this plane crash. There is nothing to be gained by investigating ,in what is clearly a hostile  environment, putting  further lives at risk.

While Tony Abbotts' focus is away from domestic affairs, issues burn on. Kalydeco has been made available to people in 17 countries yet Australia lags behind. This delay is costing lives. It is angering a community that already has a huge anchor around its waste. The Minister concerned has inflamed this by delaying a decision and  blocking concerned families and friends from lobbying on his facebook wall. To many excuses not enough action. Then there is dementia another arena that the health minister is dropping the ball. Delaying funding decisions of medications we are failing the people that have provided the taxes over the past 50 years. Then we have the Parraroos who have had their Olympic dream torn away. While Peter Dutton reduced their funding he increased the funding to our able bodied Soccer stars. This is not what the Australian tax payer wants or expects from its leaders. The parraroos should be encouraged to pursue their dreams. We do not beat up on minorities in Australia we encourage them. 

I want Tony Abbott to get back here and start fixing some of these problems. Start fixing some of these issues at home. More substance less rhetoric. Fix the Kalydeco debacle. Look after dementia and the carers. Give the parraroos back their dream of representing this great country. There are other issues as well . Immigration has issues on a number of fronts 16 year olds' being ripped from their homes and taken and detained in Darwin. Start fixing these issues no more photo ops knuckle down and do some work. Wake up Mr Abbott. Lives can be saved by action. Australian lives depend on you and your ministers.

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