Monday, 18 August 2014

Pull Your head in Jeff

I usually have a bit of time for Jeff Kennett . Post politics he has done a lot for people with depression in Beyond Blue. He has had a crack at racing and Damien Oliver. I don't know Damien.and I cannot say what affect Jeffs' comments would or would not have on Damien. Damien as has been well publicized made a pretty serious error in judgement. He placed a bet on a race. Subsequently he was charged and served an eight month suspension which he has now completed.

Jeff is entitled to his opinion he believe Damien should have been dealt with more severely by the relevant authorities. Where was Jeff when this happened ? Why comment now? What purpose does it serve other than to grab a headline in the Age. By all means speak to the relevant authorities and lobby to have laws and powers increased to deal with transgressions.

It is not fair to target a person because they weren't punished to your satisfaction.Damien did the crime and he did his time. A person who spends so much time spruiking for Beyond Blue should be aware that targeting a person in such a public way can lead to problems relating to this field. Pull your head in Jeff.