Tuesday, 26 August 2014

That extra yard!

I went to a local football game a few weeks back.My local side was close to making the final 8 the other side was on top of the ladder undefeated.Undefeated in 16 games.I decided to take a closer look to try and understand why this team was more successful than its competitors.

I assumed I would find a more skilled more professional group.I went and watched them train.I went back to the club and watched them socialize sneaking a few beers when opportunity presented. My research gave me more questions than answers.There didn't appear to be a better training regime.There was no more or different banter in the club rooms. The guys all seemed pretty close but nothing different to what I'd witnessed previously at my own club.

My phone went off one of the players sisters had been in an accident, she had been badly knocked about and was in intensive care. She has made a full recovery. It was this experienced that showed me the difference. Every player the coaches the trainers all visited with this young girl. As a group this team was fully invested in each other. If 1 was in trouble all were there to pick up the slack to help if they could.

This investment was what provided that extra 5% that took a good side and made it great.They together would go that extra yard to tackle,or to get to a contest. It wasn't staged or choreographed it was ingrained. All teams invest in the team ethos. How much they invest is variable. I have no doubt in this case that the personal investment of this group in each other was the difference between mediocrity and excellence.