Friday, 29 August 2014

The coalition government and it's ministry of shame are trying to introduce a $7 levy on doctors visits. Make no mistake this is a new tax. It's a tax that will affect all but it will affect certain people more than others. It will affect the poor the sick and the elderly far more than anyone else.

My father resides in a nursing home. His health is an ongoing concern. In the 12 months past he has seen 89 doctors. The coalition would have seen him pay an additional $623.00 for the financial year.This for a man who paid taxes all his life. Who worked hard until he was struck down with illness. A man who like all pensioners has a very small disposable income.  

My father is just one example of the inequity of this proposed levy. All minorities the disabled the Aborigines the elderly the homeless are going to be disadvantaged by this new tax. Australian taxpayers do not want this. The coalition government doesn't care they are pushing to introduce it in spite of public opinion. They are out of touch with voters .They are failing in most areas of government.
We cannot allow these people to target minorities the way they have been with their shameful policies .They must be banished at the next federal election. They have failed so many,Cystic fibrosis ,students, parraroos, carers the disabled pensioners, the sick, asylum seekers, dementia patients ,the poor,small business,employment and themselves.