Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Not in Australia.

The Health & Sport Minister  has taken it upon himself to alienate several minorities in Australia.The cystic fibrosis community of which my sister is a part.  The parraroos Australia's disabled wheelchair soccer team. The people with dementia and their carers.
The cystic fibrosis community has been waiting for Australia to catch up with the rest of the world. 17 Countries already have Kalydeco it is saving lives reducing on going medical treatment across the globe. Yet Australia haggles with the manufacturer of this drug for almost 2 years in spite of the fact that Australia has been offered the best price. Peter Dutton the Minister for health has also blocked the cystic fibrosis lobby from posting comments on his facebook wall. To excuse this he tried to infer that their was some type of clandestine relationship between the cystic fibrosis lobby and Vertex the Company that developed Kalydeco. This is fanciful. The truth is that the silent lobby is behind this delay.You only need to look at the political donors to see why the cystic fibrosis community still waits for a drug, they could have accessed were they fortunate enough to be born anywhere but Australia.
The parraroos had a dream to represent their country. This dream has been taken by a funding cut delivered by Peter Dutton. At the same time this was done the funding for able  bodied Socceroos had a budget win fall. I don't begrudge the socceroos they are the elite soccer team in Australia. Even they would cringe if they were aware they received assistance at the expense of their disabled mates. The Minister for Sport has again shown he has no idea what the community expects from its representatives.
Dementia medication not approved. Now I hope I don't get dementia my old man has started the spiral  and its a horrible thing to watch,my dad aside I would hope that the people that have worked hard all there lives paying taxes as they went ,would be entitled to the best available treatment. Not in Australia according to Peter Dutton . I hope this is not a reflection of what the community expects, I hope it is just a demonstration of how out of touch the Minister for Health & Sport is .

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