Monday, 25 August 2014

What is motivation? Where does it come from? Why can't I buy it? I think the answer to these questions and others vary from one person to the next. Why are some able to respond to a war cry while others cannot?
I spent much time trying to understand this when I became a professional golfer at a young age. I don't think I ever attained the answers back then but they seem a lot closer now.
As a golfer I was able to produce my best when I wasn't in the heat of battle. People I played with knew I could play yet in a tournament most would have confidence they had my measure. Golf is a particularly tough game mentally it is because of the 3-4.5 hours a round takes only 2% of this time is focused on stroke play.

In retrospect I now know that the time I dedicated to finding answers to this were a waste of time. I should have been embracing the experience. We do learn from defeat if we are paying attention. Rather than beat yourself up for failing analyse why you failed. What went wrong? How did I stuff up? What triggered the mistakes?
For me the trigger was distraction.Losing focus momentarily during my golf round. Either through fatigue or a lack of attention on the now.
Once you identify what the root causes are to any problem you are well on the way to fixing them.
My football team Richmond has just strung 8 winning games.They have been starved of success for nearly 35 years not this particular group of players. It has weighed heavily on previous groups. This side seems to have learnt evolved from its negative experience and come out the other side hungry for success. Motivation is what drives success. Its a hunger that's been harnessed. I believe Richmond will beat Sydney this week because they hate losing.If they bond and fight harder than there opponents they will prevail. If they doubt or second guess their ability they may fail. I believe they belong.