Saturday, 20 September 2014

Abbott must face music over missing RN

The Australian constitution must be respected.It is the foundation of our nation. This issue has nothing to do with Tony Abbotts origin. It has everything to do with respect, of our nation and its foundations.If Tony Abbott has made false declarations and breached section 44.It is not only fraud, it is a slap in the face for of all those that have toiled, fought and bled in the formative years of our nation.

 Every politician swears allegiance to the constitution.If we cannot or do not enforce this.We are accepting that those who represent us, have no requirement, to be honest.Nor do they have a requirement to act in our interests. I believe political probity is at stake. Probity must be enforced in parliament, it's erosion has led to the corruption we have today.                                       

Tony Abbott can easily put this issue to bed by producing documentation of his renouncement of UK citizenship.The obstruction from access to this document supports the belief that he either hasn't or did it when he realized he was going to be caught, not when he had to by law in 1994.