Saturday, 20 September 2014

Animal protection "dolphins".

I found myself in an argument with some passionate dolphin campaigners,I got involved because I care about dolphins and their habitat. The campaigners were tearing strips off a public figure because she swam with captive dolphins. The campaigners were being rude to someone who had helped their cause in the past. Not only were they damaging their own brand they damaged their causes as well. Had they been prudent they could have explained why they didn't agree with dolphins in captivity.Had they sold it properly they could have had a public advocate for their cause. Instead they alienated her and myself through abuse.

Dolphins are treated abhorrently in Japan. Dolphin's in captivity are interesting.Places like sea world  and large public aquariums do keep dolphins.Some dolphins are taken in and repatriated after injuring themselves in the wild. The injured wild dolphins can once recovered go back into the wild. Dolphins born in captivity have no chance surviving the wild if introduced to it.

My position would be that these parks should be allowed to continue.They provide education to other humans about dolphins and other wildlife.They care for the animals. The reality is if they close the facilities these animals would be euthanized.The injured animals wouldn't be able to be repatriated so they would die in the wild.

I know from my experience the other day that fanatics will go feral rant and rave at my position. Tough luck,having said that if I was given information that supported a change in my position I would certainly take it on board,particularly if the advice is from a qualified person.

The practice in Japan of herding wild dolphins into a cove and slaughtering them with clubs and machetes is abhorrent to me as I'm sure it is to most people that has a love of animals.I hope the governments of the world and other bodies that have leverage get stuck into the Japanese government to outlaw this practice.If I am successful and win a place on the Senate I will personally engage the Japanese government & try to get them to outlaw the slaughter of Marine wild life in this fahion.


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