Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Appraisal 1 Tony Abbott

This should be fun. Tony Abbott was elected Prime Minister just over 12 months ago. In this time he has selected a Ministry that appears to be out of its depth. They are not able to manage their individual portfolios,which ultimately is Tonys responsibility.

Tony has alienated the electorate by cutting funding to almost all areas.By not delivering on election promises.He has also been caught on many occasions lying to  voters.He has unhealthy relationships with the top end of town.He misuses his authority to try and settle political scores at great expense to taxpayers.                     

Dishonesty means that his credibility is shot. He denies he is in breach of the constitution s44. He says he followed protocols when entering politics. Yet all evidence suggests he is not and did not. I base this on his blatant refusal to produce documents. His history of lies. The interference of his P\A in FOI requests . The refusal of the Attorney General to respond to emails pleading with him to investigate the matter,points to a coverup. 

Tony Abbott has scored an F for his first year. He has spent more time trying to be relevant on a global scale at the expense of domestic affairs. His policies have targeted  the elderly,sick, education ,science and many other areas. All have less money yet we have record taxes. He wants to sell off assets to pay for his economic mismanagement. Our political history says we can support infrastructure with the taxes we pay,yet Tony and his ministry don't have the talent to deliver this.