Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Education critical not a burden.

Education is probably one of the most significant issues being neglected by our government.Christopher Pyne, the minister and his government have slashed funds and asked that student wears the costs associated with developing themselves.This ethos is flawed.The better educated our population is the more taxes they will provide governments. To inhibit education through HECS debt restricts personal development to those that can afford it. 

I'd like to encourage students to aspire to greatness.They will develop the skills to create new businesses & new revenue streams for employers.Ultimately a return on government investment through tax revenue.

With an aging population, education is critical for those in the workforce.If we fail in this area today we will most certainly pay for it later.Particularly with what is happening with manufacturing in Australia. If we are not going to focus on manufacturing. We need to develop new ways to keep our population productive.This will not just happen by accident. It will require investment in education.

I hope our government wakes up that their policies aren't in the nation's interests.They don't appear to get it at the moment.They appear hell bent on cutting funds to key areas without thought of consequence.

One area where I believe the nation can save an incredible amount of waste is political advertising.Politicians of bygone eras have been able to sell themselves through media appearances and campaigns.Now they rely on marketing and advertising costing 100's of millions of dollars every year.Great for the Owners of media not great for the taxpayer.