Monday, 29 September 2014

Email to shadow attorney general Mark Dreyfus re s44 breach

Dear Mr Dreyfus,
I would like to formally request that Tony Abbott be compelled to show he is in compliance with s44 of Australian constitution. Both myself and Tony Magrathea have been blocked from obtaining documents under FOI .We have also both submitted requests for Mr Brandis to investigate that have to date fallen on deaf ears.The behavior of Tony Abbott lends credibility to our belief that Mr Abbott had not renounced his UK citizenship prior to running for office in 1994. This would be easy for him to prove by supplying the documents. I have on more than 1 occasion heard rumor that he was still traveling on a UK passport well after his election to parliament.If Mr Abbott is not in compliance with the constitution he is probably the greatest fraud in global history.

I find it bewildering that this issue has been so difficult to get attention it deserves. Our Constitution is the foundation of our parliament.Mr Brandis has put his friendship ahead of his duty as Federal Attorney General. I wouldn't be surprised if the matter is investigated that Mr Abbott's P/A was involved in interference of the 2 FOI requests.
                                                                                                                                          regards Mark Dickenson