Monday, 22 September 2014

Finding their feet Liverpool need to mesh fast.

Liverpool coming off a strong showing last season are off to a sluggish start. They have bolstered their list in the off season and look to have the artillery to contend. At the moment they appear to be playing with two left feet. I don't believe this is due to anything malicious. I don't believe the playing group is satisfied with its lot. I just think they haven't all committed to each other. They don't know the idiosyncrasies of their teammates. This will come with hard work that I'm sure Brendan Rogers is applying to his team.


I still believe Liverpool is going to contend this season. If they manage to regroup and get the points against Everton it's not out the question that they win 5 in a row and get themselves in the mix for silverware.We haven't seen the upside from the talent influx I can't wait to witness the damage Balotelli will cause when they start to deliver a more regular supply into the box.