Sunday, 21 September 2014

Freya Newman whistleblower or political target.

Australia should be grateful that Freya Newman spoke out and sought the truth. In doing so she has gone from whistleblower to a political target. She like many of us thought it bizarre that the White House chose the daughter of the Prime Minister of Australia to award a scholarship.The first of its specific type in 25 years. They would have us believe it is a "Deirdre Chambers" coincidence. If we had a mathematician do the probabilities it's more likely that everyone that reads this post wins Tattslotto than this being anything other than a coordinated gift. Not the PMs daughters fault. Definitely not Freyas fault.

Placed in Freyas position its understandable her desire to uncover what she believes a rort and the pursuit of truth collided with her ability to access said documents. We like Freya want to live in a world where our political representatives have regard for probity. Ethics empathy and ability to deliver good outcomes, all desirable traits. 

The reality is we are served anything but this. Politicians misusing allowances  accepting gifts taking holidays and doing clandestine deals with political donors. All abhorrent practices. That must boil the blood of voters working hard to provide the very taxes they are rorting.

Freya Newman should be and is a hero for speaking up. For highlighting this dubious activity. If she's imprisoned she's Australia's first political prisoner,on home soil. How low will the current regime that oversees Australia's affairs go.