Friday, 19 September 2014

Hands Off Education

Those of you that follow my blogs know I have nothing positive to say about our current Government.My natural tendency politically has always been slightly left of centre. This governments take on education really worries me.

The reduction of funding across the board leads to bigger classes less one on one time with students,greater stress for teachers and ultimately poorer outcomes for all. For over 100 years governments have been able to fund every thing. With taxes at an all time high, resources should easily be able to fund community requirements.

Yet in all areas the funds are being cut. Not only is this short sighted it's dangerous. People wanting tertiary educations are being asked to go into hock,some almost $100,000 to get their degree and start to earn, if they gain employment. Where is all the money going? The very politicians that are inflicting this debt enjoyed free tertiary educations in most cases. This is wrong. We need to encourage our talented people to get top educations ,which will land them top jobs and the taxes they pay will off set the costs of their educations. Education should not ever be a burden.


To all the students and Universities that are being forced to compete for funding. I intend to be a stern advocate for government funded education. Our politicians seem to just throw their hands in the air and walk away from fires they've lit.The pie has never been bigger.Government need to manage its resources better.They throw money away hand over fist on advertising. Election campaigning.Personal staffing. Inefficient public service. Overseas junkets they call "fact finding missions " They need to cut the rhetoric and start delivering what they are paid for.Or get the hell out of the way for someone with the desire and nouse to deliver what's required.