Wednesday, 10 September 2014

It's difficult not to be cynical about politics in Australia. We have a 1 yr old federal government that is increasingly on the nose for several reasons. There is the failed policies in several of the key portfolios. The anger that promises made during the campaign have been broken. The failure of several politicians to address community concerns. A revelation that our government has been rewarding it's donors with favors through legislation during ICAC investigations. The use by senior ministers of national security as a diversion from failed policy.Australian voters are being treated with disdain.

Health is an important portfolio it's important to all humans. It has been attacked with a $7 levy on all medical appointments. This is unfair as the sick and the elderly are going to be the ones most severely impacted. Most are already adversely impacted in their income streams through their illness or age. Fortunately the Senate has committed to block this. The minister for health Peter Dutton has also delayed access to Kalydeco which is available in 17 developed countries around the world. He has cost lives and caused angst to an entire community. He is not fit to have this portfolio he lacks empathy and compassion and is incredibly evasive.

Immigration & border protection minister Scott Morrison has taken a clandestine approach to his portfolios. I'm not a huge fan of the policies of either political parties. As an Australian I think it's important that anyone wanting to come here is given the opportunity to present their case. We should be selective. In genuine cases of political asylum we should be compassionate. When they are not genuine we should expedite the process. Human rights are important not only in this forum. We should ensure that the violations that are occurring stop it is adversely affecting our standing in the global community.

Employment a commitment during the election campaign has been neglected. The car industry in Australia has died. No more manufacturing .Thousands of jobs gone. Aviation has slashed jobs in Australia. Many are and will face hardship unless the government innovates and creates new jobs. Investment in research and development of ideas must become a government focus.

Education has been targeted by the government. Students have been distracted from what their focus should be drawn into protests as Christopher Pyne has decided too make education a burden to students with fees set to rise dramatically. We should be encouraging students to develop knowledge  through tertiary education. If we do they will get better jobs and pay more taxes. It is short sighted and unfair to burden people wanting to improve themselves with debts.


Corruption in politics. We apparently haven't been watching our governments closely enough. Recent events including ICAC investigations are uncovering a clandestine underbelly in Australian politics. Major parties have always relied on political donations. They fund campaigns advertising and costs associated with running a political party. It is becoming apparent that these donations are coming with strings attached. The donors are impacting policy and legislation for favorable outcomes. This must stop. Politicians must also be leaders and show restraint.Not abuse their privileged positions, exploiting allowances for their own benefit. I hope ICAC is allowed to go through parliament and clean this up because it's a disgrace at present. That is apolitical as well any politician milking the system should be fair game.