Monday, 8 September 2014

Master of illusion

Tony Abbott has had 12 months as Prime minister and we really don't have a hell of a lot to show for it. He has spent more time deflecting from domestic issues than he has addressing them. He has broken many of his promises made during the election campaign. He seems more determined to be lauded for his grandstanding overseas than for any contribution to the Australian lot.

His good mate Rupert Murdoch and the associated media have shielded Abbott and his failed ministers from a lot of criticism . Many burning issues have not been properly addressed .With Rupert s support  Tony Abbott has used several disasters and fights with foreign leaders too deflect from serious issues at home.

ICAC Abbott s adviser Peta  Credlin and the political donations scandal has been swept aside. When the reality is it is a massive story. Political donations what do they buy you? The emails that have recently been made public show us there is some tawdry dealings happening hidden from the public eye.

Is Tony Abbott eligible to be in parliament? It has recently come to light that the Prime minister may be in breach of s44 .He has not responded to request to clarify if he had renounced his UK citizen status prior to running for office in 1994. Attempts through FOI to access this information have been blocked. 
Then there is Ashby gate with ministers trying too cover each others tracks and others being gagged too stop the story from snowballing. This could potentially bring down the government on its own .Where is Wyatt Roy what is he hiding?

Joe Hockey and apparently others in Canberra have been using their allowance inappropriately . Joe in particular is paying his $270 a night allowance directly too his family for a property they own. At the same time both Hockey and Tony Abbott are trying too sell a line that all Australians must sacrifice. Abbott or Hockey have not been forced to properly address this issue.

Both Abbott and Hockey have regularly put their foot in mouth. Hockey with the poor don't drive cars fiasco. Abbott with his comments about the Scottish Independence and his hunger for a fight with Putin during the MH17  disaster.  Yet Murdoch media are lauding him as a great leader,he's still globally insignificant.

Too many innocent Australians are being adversely impacted by Tony Abbott s failures and those of his ministers. It's only a matter of time before the damn walls are breached. Not even Murdoch can hold back the turbulent waters that are about to swamp the Abbott regime.