Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Message To Federal Attorney General

Mr Brandis,

I am writing to you to seek answers as to why our PM appears to be above the law? It is my understanding that you have received correspondence from Tony Magrathea that is supported by evidence, in relation to Tony, Abbotts alleged breach of s44 of the Australian Constitution.Two separate FOI requests have been blocked through the interference of third parties.I have seen the documentation and have noted Mr Abbott's reaction to questions regarding his renouncement.As the Attorney General, you have a duty to ensure that our laws are respected and compliance assured.Your obvious friendship with Mr Abbott can have no bearing on this matter.

I give you notice that I am attaching this correspondence to my blog and forwarding it to every major news outlet both in our Nation and abroad.This could and should have been a simple matter.Mr. Abbott's failure to provide documents showing his renunciation prior to 1994. Also, your office's failure to ensure our great nation's Constitution has been complied with has forced us to escalate the issue to the public domain in the public's interest.

I also intend to run for a position as a Senator in the next Federal election.One major reason for this is the lack of probity that is currently on show in politics in Australia. Politicians rorting, misappropriating allowances and doing clandestine deals with donors. I hope that someone in your office would find these things abhorrent. It may be wishful thinking but I would hope that you would be taking steps to stamp these behaviours out.I know it will be a focus of mine if I make it to Canberra.

                         regards Mark Dickenson