Friday, 12 September 2014

Suns contemplate move on Thompson

The failure of Gold Coast Suns to capitalize on a fantastic start to their season.The availability of Mark Thompson for senior coach role opens the door to an alternate future. Have they sounded out Thompson? Can they sack McKenna when the side clearly has progressed this season?                                                        

The Suns season was almost the polar opposite of Richmond s. Great early,appearing almost certain finalists.Falling away dramatically when the captain Gary Ablett injured his shoulder.Gary's season was ended early requiring surgery. This enabled teams opposing the Suns to focus attention on other players usually afforded Ablett. They were unable to find a way to overcome this in the closing part of the year. Proving an unhealthy reliance on their superstar.

This is an unconfirmed rumor the Club has not confirmed. In the AFL where there's smoke there's fire.