Saturday, 13 September 2014

The 20 year deception.

It is a prerequisite when one enters the federal political arena that you must be eligible.You must meet all the requirements as a matter of course.The Australian electoral commission is not an investigative body. Providing false or misleading information on your application is equivalent to signing a false statutory declaration. 

Tony Abbott was born a UK citizen. He came to Australia young and became an Australian citizen. Part of the criteria for entry into federal politics is that Mr Abbott renounced his UK citizen status. Several years ago I heard that Tony Abbott was travelling with a UK Passport, It was a rumour nothing more. He did return to the UK for the purposes of study back in the 80's.Between then and 1995 Tony Abbott must have renounced his citizenship of the UK or his entire political career is premised on a lie.

If Tony Abbott has done this. It is the greatest fraud in global history. He must prove he is not in breach of s44. The media must force him to answer the questions for the integrity of politics and political reporting. Murdoch must put relationships aside and allow this to happen. I hope for the sake of political integrity this happens.

I suspect it will be avoided at all costs. We must keep the pressure on social media make it uncomfortable for them to cover up the issue. Two separate attempts to solve this have been blocked one in the UK and one in Australia. Smells like a conspiracy.