Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The real agenda

The real agenda. In Australia it is often squirreled away,which highlights the necessity for change.The recent events in #icac highlight the clandestine nature of political association to donors.Whilst it is clear the relationship is real. It's often buried from the public eye. Through staged businesses and poor media coverage due to the control of Australian media by yes another donor Rupert Murdoch.


Big business controls the political agenda in Australia.Policy is driven by these interests. Politician's appear to be beholden which leads to favorable legislation.There is no transparency as reporters are not driven by the story,their main focus is self preservation.Any one with the guts to take on the establishment and write "what is" discovers the joys of ostracism.

The recent slashing of resources the ABC has supports this theory. The media mogul doesn't want the truth distracting from the Abbott agenda.Nor do the mining magnates who drain the nations resources.

The minions are of little consequence.Sure they are required. They support the house of cards. Politicians moguls and political benefactors retiring to the gravy train live in oblivious bliss.