Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Time to try and make a difference. My Name is Mark Dickenson

I've had a lot of diverse experience, through education, employment, being a father, being a father to an autistic child, and now becoming a grandfather. I've enjoyed everything I've experienced. I still believe I have unfinished business.

Dylan my youngest is 18 he has autism. I have learned a lot through his development and that of his mates. We must invest heavily as early as we can to get the best outcomes for these children.The better the outcome the less reliant they will be on welfare in later years. I'd like to see teachers in this field be able to travel and learn from best practices around the world. Not only for autism for all disabilities.

I've decided the best way I can make a difference is to stand for the Senate. Hopefully, this would give me a platform to fight for the things that I'm passionate about.I want my political career to be based on honesty. I want to be able to provide a voice to the minorities that aren't getting a fair go. Whilst I can only be elected by Victorians I don't want to limit my concern to just Victorian issues. I want to make it a point to be accessible. I am aware that the influence I can have as a Senator is impacted by the balance in the Senate seats. Even in the worst case.I will commit that I will fight to be heard both in parliament and in the media.To put issues that are being neglected by the government on the agenda.                                            

These are some of the other issues I'm passionate about. Aged Care, cystic fibrosis, Aboriginal &Torres strait islanders, dementia, environment conservation, Renewable energy, animal welfare, Asylum seekers, bullying & education in no particular order.

Whilst I may not have the answers to every problem fore-mentioned I will work hard to seek the talent required to address or improve the outcomes in these areas. Those of you that follow me on twitter and Facebook know that I don't hold back when I think a politician is wrong. I intend to take that trait with me to Canberra and challenge what I perceive as apathetic complacent gravy train loving politicians.

So if you're in Victoria and you like my ideas please think of giving me a go when the next election comes along. You can even support by sharing the story with friends.Thanks for reading.

                                             regards Mark Dickenson