Thursday, 25 September 2014

Washington Post regards PM s44 breach

I am a blogger from Australia. Myself and another guy have researched the background and history of the Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott.We suspect that Mr Abbott failed to renounce his UK citizenship prior to entering politics in 1994.This is a breach of s44 of the Australian Constitution if true.It is also fraudulent to provide misleading information on an application form. Two separate FOI requests have been met with interference,and have been blocked. Mr Abbott has verbally refuted these allegations but refuses to produce documentation to prove he complied with the law. The Attorney general has been asked in writing to look into this matter,instead he has buried the issue. He has a long friendship with Mr Abbott ,which appears to be influencing his duty to ensure the lawful integrity of our parliament. I have information I can supply to show that the story is genuine.The Australian media is predominantly controlled by a few wealthy people with LNP affiliations. The story has a following in Social media. There is also a campaign for signatures on Change.
regards Mark Dickenson

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