Saturday, 13 September 2014

What is the true danger?

The liberal party in a desperate attempt to claw back credibility has to hang it's collective hat on a terrorist threat.They have upgraded the security alert to the highest level. They have no other avenue to escape the wrath of the people the have failed.The terrorist risk that exists if it exists is theirs. They have sat idly by and allowed people to go overseas fight under a foreign flag of some description. They have effectively funded it by paying these vagabonds the dole while completing their mission. Then when they decided to return they've not seized passports.They haven't refused entry. They've welcomed them home. 


Lets face it the Liberals are hemorrhaging profusely. They have been in charge for just over twelve months and nearly every minister is adding to the bleeding. The targets of most of the policy is the battler. The sick the aged the invalid the disabled. That's never going to be embraced in Australia. Our Psyche is support the underdog. We don't pound people when they're down. If we've strayed away from that we need to revisit it.

The Liberal Party want to divert our eyes from the pain they're causing. Abbott's being Abbott and fumbling his way through announcement after announcement . He appears not to know whats coming from his mouth until it's delivered. Faux pas standard practice like his insult too the Scottish. His fighting words to Putin. Perhaps he is calculating and needs these to distract from the failed budget.As an observer I don't subscribe to this theory. I just think the man is bereft of talent surrounded by sycophants.

To me the country needs reform. It needs to stop the relationships that aren't talked about from driving policy. The NSW State parliament is being cleansed of corruption by ICAC which should be used as a template for other states. It should also be applied to Federal Parliament,sooner rather than later. The relationships that appear to exist between the federal Liberal party and the top end of town ,especially miners must be a priority.They cannot be allowed to continue to rape the countries resources without paying for the privilege. If the way they have gone about securing the deals they have done is fair and legal we have to wear it. If it is not the authorities should seize assets that have been procured through illegal clandestine activity.