Sunday, 26 October 2014

Politician's should not be beholden to anybody. Federal ICAC

It is blatantly obvious with a little research our politicians are tied by their allegiance to their political parties. But closer inspection uncovers something far more insidious. They are indebted to their political donors or sponsors. The ALP has similar allegiances to the Trade Union movement. The ties are so strong on both sides that the concerns of the general public their employer are only on their radars around election time.

I believe the reticence of parliament to have a federal ICAC are premised on self-preservation and maintaining the status quo. The stark reality is if federal ICAC was given powers, at least, equivalent to the NSW version preferably unlimited, the exposed corruption would see more than 50% of our politicians jailed. From things like travel rorts, misappropriation of allowances, the disclosure of information for financial advantage and the formulation of policy in return for donations.It would also see donors exposed for gaining financial advantage via corruption.

Politicians protecting one another through self-preservation. The events in NSW parliament are a clear indication of the extent of corruption and it has taken an independent umpire acting in the interest of political probity to expose the issue.

As a voter, I would entertain voting for a party that had no reliance on business or Unions for funding or an independent who is committed to acting in the interests of voters who employed him or her. It isn't happening at the moment the stark reality is we couldn't be further from their minds.                                                   

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Fans venting misguided.

Everyones entitled to their own opinions and observations on Liverpool's performance. The failure to get the points against Hull yesterday is an opportunity lost.The opportunities to close out the fixture were there,the players failed to find a way.


Balotelli fresh from the Real Madrid fixture where he was heavily criticised for swapping shirts at half time seems to be the whipping boy. He isn't playing bad football,he's getting into great positions during matches. He is not executing well and I'm sure he would be the first to admit it. He just needs a bit of luck and I'm sure he will find his mojo. Fans venting their frustration at him are probably denting his confidence and detrimental to the teams aspirations.

All is not lost encourage the team. They clearly miss Sturridge yet they were clearly the better side in last nights fixture. Balotelli was far from the worst player. Get around him the goals will come.                                                                        

Politics of change

Good government in Australia seems like a distant memory.When I have nothing better on offer, I tune into question time and often turn off and choose something less mundane to fill the hours. I vaguely remember a time when politicians could inspire with their words and actions. It seems poignant I write this now after the death this week of Gough Whitlam. A man who probably modelled the qualities I've just mentioned.

I am a founding member of the Australian Progressives. I believe in the philosophy that policies should be driven by and created for the benefit of the voter. Apart from big business and the elite we all pay our way in Australia.Loopholes and creative accounting sees the ones that take most from our Country pay the least.I envisage this needs to be addressed either via legislation or investigation or a combination of both.

I'd like to see political advertising reduced as it sees millions of dollars siphoned out of our taxes, with very little purpose except self-promotion. Presently all we are getting from our politicians is excuses and refusals. History tells us that we can fund everything with the taxes currently imposed. If we can sort out the dodgers and stop the rorts there is another area we gain.

Personally, I am an advocate for disability cystic fibrosis and aged care.I'm passionate about these things through personal experiences. The injustice the suffering the anguish that these communities experience within our broader community is what drives me to fight.

In a broader sense, I believe that Australia needs a new direction. We need to become less reliant on others and drive the country forward carving out our own profile globally. I would vote to become a republic, at the drop of a hat given the opportunity. I would give the US a timeline for the closure of Pine Gap. I would still maintain an alliance with the US but would only commit to conflicts that are based on sound arguments.I believe we have too many issues at home to be focussing on other nations problems, to the extent we have in recent years.Usually at a huge cost to our domestic policy.

It needs to be a priority to educate our population properly and I believe our nation should be able to fund this through the tax reforms previously mentioned. Our talent is critical to our future.

We must get on board with research and implementation of renewable energy. We must encourage business to focus on lowering their reliance on fossil fuels.

I believe in the talent we have in Australia. Investment in research should provide new ventures creating new jobs.We should further explore the development of our country as a leading tourism destination. We should develop infrastructure to meet the requirements of our population growth. Minimising lost time, that currently adversely affects GDP across our nation should be a priority. 

I would like to see the leaders of big Corporations that currently pay themselves exorbitant salaries and bonuses often to the detriment of the many to change their mindset. They should act in the interests of their employees and their stakeholders.


Aborigines should, no must be recognised as a significant part of our culture.The issues they face in health employment welfare should all be aggressively workshopped with all stakeholders involved.They should be represented in our parliament. It is in our nation's interest that our parliament is more representative of our community. 


 I find it embarrassing how many homeless we have in Australia. Current numbers are just over 105,000.This doesn't get enough attention and strategies to re-engage these people and assist them in finding dwellings. Many are kids from broken homes living on the streets, sleeping under bridges on park benches in laneways exposed to the elements. Irrespective of their age they must be on the agenda.


Monday, 20 October 2014

Letter to Kelvin Thomson member for Wills regards PMs s44.1 breach

Dear Kelvin,
For several months now myself and Tony Magrathea have been writing to politicians with no response.It is apparent after a recent FOI search conducted by the PM's office that the PM has nothing at hand to verify his renunciation.His word just doesn't suffice with his chequered history regards honesty and political probity. The fact that Peta Credlin interfered in two prior FOI requests only adds to our belief that Mr Abbott is in breach of s44.1 of the Australian Constitution.This is not a "birther" issue it is based on the importance of our Constitution and the respect our political representatives must adhere to.It is clear to us that Mr Abbott has supplied false information to the AEC and has been illegally standing for election for the duration of his 20 years in politics.I want to be clear we have written to the following politicians in the hope that someone will vote with us on the side of probity. Mr Brandis Mr Dreyfus Mr Keenan The Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove.We are yet to even receive a response to what I regard as an issue that is a blight on our Nation and the integrity of Australian politics. Please do not force us to make an application to the High Court to resolve this issue. We have some 17,000 signatures requesting this issue be addressed without advertising.This email will be posted to my blog.Should you choose the course of integrity that others have not we can supply documents to be tabled in parliament.
                                                           regards      Mark Dickenson

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Anfield should embrace winning ugly.

True the team isn't playing well and last nights victory was a result of some pretty ordinary football.Many hostile recriminations followed the game.Many attacking Rogers Balotelli and Mignolet.

Rodgers copping it because he recruits so far over the past two years haven't set the world on fire.One blogger wrote that 200 million had been spent with a 17% success rate. I find this inaccurate as the teams of the past wouldn't have won.Great teams find a way to get the points.Bank them and don't look back. The playing group will band together and the belief will grow as the wins are put away.                    

No doubt Balotelli hasn't played well to date for Liverpool.If Rodgers can continue to believe Balotelli will deliver. Last night he missed one Nana would have gobbled up,yet Nana wouldn't have created such a chance. Balotelli is a confidence player he needs support he needs to believe he just needs to put one in the net and he will flourish.

Mignolet is as good or as ordinary as the support he gets from his defensive group.After a shaky start I thought he was pretty good in goals for most of the night.Like the team he needs to work hard to understand his defenders. He needs to concentrate and read the play. Not getting caught out of position is critical as is anticipation for the goal keeper.

Personally I am buoyed by the win last night in past seasons we walked away with nothing from performances of similar ilk. Well done to the boys for grinding out a win when it seemed forlorn. Supporters should stick fat with this group, I'm sure they can deliver. 


#ClimateChange Ignorance isn't always bliss

Sure we do get rhetoric from our political representatives. We get airy-fairy commitments into the future.When we know only to well they will be gone and they cannot control, the commitments they make after they've left office.Our planet is finite.The future is not guaranteed.The world is like our bodies. If we mistreat it we will reduce life expectancy.Much of the damage currently being done to the planet in the name of progress/capitalism cannot be reversed.We must take heed to the warnings the planet is issuing.The reduction in polar ice caps.Rising sea levels.Changes in tidal patterns.More extreme weather events both in frequency and in consequence.The reduction in air quality in and around major cities.Record temperatures rising. These are all signals our planet is issuing to us we cannot ignore.

It's just not good enough to make minimal effort.We must explore alternative energies with lesser impacts on our environment.It isn't someone else's problem.We are all stakeholders. We should be making better use of our natural resources.Solar, Wind, rainfall should all be utilised better.Business should be given incentives to reduce consumption of detrimental fuel and energy sources. Scientific research should be encouraged through investment from governments.Targets should be short term and achievable.We can't keep pushing it back the way governments are through targets set 30 to 50 years in the future.All this does is placate anger and preserves bad behaviors present day.


Thursday, 16 October 2014

The fish rots from the head #federalicacnow

Anyone paying attention to the events unfolding before us at NSW ICAC enquiry will be aware that it has uncovered corruption in politics.Naive as the LNP believe the public is.It cannot brush this off in the shower. Emails to the PM's office are yet to be explained.Probably because there is no rational way of explaining them.There is an old saying "the fish rots from the head" which supports the fact that when corruption is rife in an organisation it starts and is generally enabled from the heads of the organisation.

I have witnessed corruption first hand while working for the former RBA subsidiary Securency International.My experiences there reinforce my belief in the fish analogy.

Both Peta Credlin and Tony Abbott must explain the email exchanges and the knowledge of donations relating to evidence already presented at the ICAC hearings. Political probity must be sought as we cannot allow organisations to buy political favours via donations. Corruption must be uncovered exposed and annihilated as shown by the NSW resignations relating to this affair. If it isn't eradicated it spreads like a wildfire. The reality unfortunate as it is "money makes the world go round."                                             

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Email to Governor General Peter Cosgrove re s44.1 breach

Dear Mr Cosgrove,
I am writing to you as the Queens representative in Australia to request the Prime Minister produce renouncement papers or resign from his office effective immediately.An FOI request response from Mr Abbott's office shows no documents exist.This means he is in breach of the Australian Constitution and is not eligible to run for or be in parliament. He must have filed forms with the AEC in 1994 and if he is a dual citizen the information supplied is false.I am disappointed I have had to write to you regards this matter. I have written to Mr Brandis and had no response in 2 months. The Attorney general obviously doesn't respect the Australian Constitution, otherwise, he would have enforced it.I am including this email in my blog as I believe it is in the public's interest to be aware of the Prime Ministers lack of regard for political probity and our nation's Constitution.

                                                                                     regards Mark Dickenson


This was sent via email 14/10/2014. The Governor General obviously doesn't think Australia's constitution is a significant document. I say this because he didn't even bother to respond. MP's & Ministers alike have also ignored this issue. Our standards are not up to scratch in Australian politics.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Freedom should be off limits!

My Great Grand Father fought for freedom in WWI. Pop would not like it that the very freedom he fought for.The freedom that many of his mates died for. Can be attacked and eroded by people with no mandate or right to do so.
Several weeks ago due to a perceived escalation in the threat of terrorism. Our politicians passed legislation that attacks freedom of speech. It restrains public awareness through controls ordered on our media. A media that has already been corrupted, through the lack of diversity in ownership in our great nation.
Australians have every right to be angry and disillusioned by our politicians and their actions.They have not shown any respect for our fallen soldiers or us, by rushing this legislation through Parliament. The LNP through their policies have shown they have no concern or empathy with the public.Their only allegiance is to themselves and their benefactors in the stratosphere of society. But what of the champions of the minions the ALP.They collectively stood and watched as this legislation was passed. Voting it through the lower house and Senate as if it was an insignificant issue with amazing disdain for the public. Anthony Albonese did after voting for it later question it which is damning of him. Did he not read the legislation prior to endorsing it?
My pop is long gone as is some of that freedom he fought so bravely for. It is an indictment on our politicians that they could get something so important so wrong.Australia needs fresh talent with new ideas in our parliament.People that create.People that initiate. People that look at a problem and have or will seek the talent to solve it. Currently auspol is devoid of this talent.It is a vacuous wasteland.

Monday, 13 October 2014

letter to Mr Dreyfus regard s44.1 breach

Dear Mr Dreyfus

It has come to my attention that the Prime Minister may be in breach of s44.1 of the Australian Constitution. I have documents from an FOI request stating that no records of renouncement were found. I have written to you and Mr Brandis a few times.I am also aware that Mr Brandis received a request from Tony Magrathea over 2 months ago with no response. Political probity should be enforced particularly by the Attorney General.I would like this to be tabled in parliament and the Prime Minister should be forced to produce the document or be dismissed. If he fails to produce renouncement papers he has provided misleading information and is ineligible to be in parliament.I imagine it is a pretty serious offence to provide the AEC with false information. I know it is serious to breach our Constitution.
This is a link to the FOI documents from PM's office.If you are unable to open my email address is listed above.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Tony Abbott must be sacked & prosecuted! …


Thanks to some fantastic work by Tony Magrathea it is clear that Tony Abbott is and has been in breach of the Constitution s44 for his entire political career.The link above is an FOI search for the renouncement papers that would have existed had our Prime Minister complied with the constitution.It also means that he has supplied false or misleading information to run for office in Australia.
Tony Abbott must be sacked or stood down until this is investigated.Mr Abbott and members of his staff have interfered, delaying this from being public knowledge.It has also been covered up by many politicians from various parties including both the Attorney General and the Shadow Attorney General.
During the months that we have been seeking to prove Mr Abbott is in breach of s44 at any time, either he or his office could have produced the documents clearing his name.He is elusive, evasive and consistent to his lack of political probity lying appears to be a way of life.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

How low can Joe go?#auspol limbo

There is something intrinsically wrong with Joe Hockey. He preaches restraint.Yet any opportunity for him to take from taxpayers he does. In his first budget he has slashed funding to many minorities that can little afford to live already.Joe wouldn't know this because he leads a privileged life full of excesses.
Joe Hockey is reportedly taking his allowance and handing it to his wife who is the majority owner of a family property worth around 1.5 million dollars.Not only is this not disputed by Joe,he says that it's ok as others are doing it as well.The purpose of the allowance is to meet the costs of staying away from home.I believe if there is no cost to Mr Hockey, then he is effectively stealing from taxpayers. I and many others view an allowance not as a right it is a privilege and shouldn't  be exploited.
Joe Hockey should be sacked for this.He should be forced to repay any money. He cannot justify the expenditure of in relation to this allowance. If as he says others are rorting the system.They should face the same consequences. I would like a federal icac to be established to stamp out this type of behavior.To raise the integrity and probity that is absent from parliament at present.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

#auspol is filthy it must be fixed.

I cannot believe the sordid state of Australian politics.Events in NSW are just the tip of the iceberg.It is blatantly clear that political donors are getting favorable legislation passed.They are getting tax breaks and incentives.Often these relationships are clandestine.Some are that obvious it's laughable.Except for the fact,
 there is only so much revenue and someone has to pay.It's not just donors.The Trade Union movement has relationships that also have leverage, although this is less blatant it does exist.

The thing that really gets on my goat is the abuse of travel and the rorting of allowances. Joe Hockey using his $270 a night allowance to sleep at a family owned home. This is obscene. It needs to be investigated thoroughly.Joe's excuse is others are doing the same.I want them all exposed no matter who they represent. There are many Australians every night sleeping under bridges and in laneways.While these repugnant imbeciles are thieving and we are forced to watch. Watch as they misuse and abuse their privilege.

Travel sometimes necessary,must be monitored and justified with intense scrutiny.Not like Mr Pyne uses it cavorting around Europe like he's Chevy Chase.What case he can mount to defend his extravagance I don't trust.As he has a record second only to his boss for gilding the lily.

Auspol needs cleaning and sanitising. A Federal ICAC is the answer it should also be ratified in the states that don't have a genuine anti corruption outfit with the skills and desire to purge politics of corruption.                        

If we find people at any level acting outside the law they must be pilloried. Earnings from corruption must be viewed as proceeds of crime. If mining licences have be granted illegally we should pursue it. All political donors should be scrutinised. Phone records between ministers and donors should also be of interest. Unless we clean the decks completely,we all deserve what we are being served at the moment.

The money that is being misused now is the money that once funded our infrastructure. A lot of our infrastructure has been sold off.History says it didn't have to be that way.Much of it has I'm sure been done to favor big business not in our interest as we've been led to believe.