Sunday, 19 October 2014

Anfield should embrace winning ugly.

True the team isn't playing well and last nights victory was a result of some pretty ordinary football.Many hostile recriminations followed the game.Many attacking Rogers Balotelli and Mignolet.

Rodgers copping it because he recruits so far over the past two years haven't set the world on fire.One blogger wrote that 200 million had been spent with a 17% success rate. I find this inaccurate as the teams of the past wouldn't have won.Great teams find a way to get the points.Bank them and don't look back. The playing group will band together and the belief will grow as the wins are put away.                    

No doubt Balotelli hasn't played well to date for Liverpool.If Rodgers can continue to believe Balotelli will deliver. Last night he missed one Nana would have gobbled up,yet Nana wouldn't have created such a chance. Balotelli is a confidence player he needs support he needs to believe he just needs to put one in the net and he will flourish.

Mignolet is as good or as ordinary as the support he gets from his defensive group.After a shaky start I thought he was pretty good in goals for most of the night.Like the team he needs to work hard to understand his defenders. He needs to concentrate and read the play. Not getting caught out of position is critical as is anticipation for the goal keeper.

Personally I am buoyed by the win last night in past seasons we walked away with nothing from performances of similar ilk. Well done to the boys for grinding out a win when it seemed forlorn. Supporters should stick fat with this group, I'm sure they can deliver.