Saturday, 25 October 2014

Politics of change

Good government in Australia seems like a distant memory.When I have nothing better on offer, I tune into question time and often turn off and choose something less mundane to fill the hours. I vaguely remember a time when politicians could inspire with their words and actions. It seems poignant I write this now after the death this week of Gough Whitlam. A man who probably modelled the qualities I've just mentioned.

I am a founding member of the Australian Progressives. I believe in the philosophy that policies should be driven by and created for the benefit of the voter. Apart from big business and the elite we all pay our way in Australia.Loopholes and creative accounting sees the ones that take most from our Country pay the least.I envisage this needs to be addressed either via legislation or investigation or a combination of both.

I'd like to see political advertising reduced as it sees millions of dollars siphoned out of our taxes, with very little purpose except self-promotion. Presently all we are getting from our politicians is excuses and refusals. History tells us that we can fund everything with the taxes currently imposed. If we can sort out the dodgers and stop the rorts there is another area we gain.

Personally, I am an advocate for disability cystic fibrosis and aged care.I'm passionate about these things through personal experiences. The injustice the suffering the anguish that these communities experience within our broader community is what drives me to fight.

In a broader sense, I believe that Australia needs a new direction. We need to become less reliant on others and drive the country forward carving out our own profile globally. I would vote to become a republic, at the drop of a hat given the opportunity. I would give the US a timeline for the closure of Pine Gap. I would still maintain an alliance with the US but would only commit to conflicts that are based on sound arguments.I believe we have too many issues at home to be focussing on other nations problems, to the extent we have in recent years.Usually at a huge cost to our domestic policy.

It needs to be a priority to educate our population properly and I believe our nation should be able to fund this through the tax reforms previously mentioned. Our talent is critical to our future.

We must get on board with research and implementation of renewable energy. We must encourage business to focus on lowering their reliance on fossil fuels.

I believe in the talent we have in Australia. Investment in research should provide new ventures creating new jobs.We should further explore the development of our country as a leading tourism destination. We should develop infrastructure to meet the requirements of our population growth. Minimising lost time, that currently adversely affects GDP across our nation should be a priority. 

I would like to see the leaders of big Corporations that currently pay themselves exorbitant salaries and bonuses often to the detriment of the many to change their mindset. They should act in the interests of their employees and their stakeholders.


Aborigines should, no must be recognised as a significant part of our culture.The issues they face in health employment welfare should all be aggressively workshopped with all stakeholders involved.They should be represented in our parliament. It is in our nation's interest that our parliament is more representative of our community. 


 I find it embarrassing how many homeless we have in Australia. Current numbers are just over 105,000.This doesn't get enough attention and strategies to re-engage these people and assist them in finding dwellings. Many are kids from broken homes living on the streets, sleeping under bridges on park benches in laneways exposed to the elements. Irrespective of their age they must be on the agenda.