Wednesday, 1 October 2014

#auspol is filthy it must be fixed.

I cannot believe the sordid state of Australian politics.Events in NSW are just the tip of the iceberg.It is blatantly clear that political donors are getting favorable legislation passed.They are getting tax breaks and incentives.Often these relationships are clandestine.Some are that obvious it's laughable.Except for the fact,
 there is only so much revenue and someone has to pay.It's not just donors.The Trade Union movement has relationships that also have leverage, although this is less blatant it does exist.

The thing that really gets on my goat is the abuse of travel and the rorting of allowances. Joe Hockey using his $270 a night allowance to sleep at a family owned home. This is obscene. It needs to be investigated thoroughly.Joe's excuse is others are doing the same.I want them all exposed no matter who they represent. There are many Australians every night sleeping under bridges and in laneways.While these repugnant imbeciles are thieving and we are forced to watch. Watch as they misuse and abuse their privilege.

Travel sometimes necessary,must be monitored and justified with intense scrutiny.Not like Mr Pyne uses it cavorting around Europe like he's Chevy Chase.What case he can mount to defend his extravagance I don't trust.As he has a record second only to his boss for gilding the lily.

Auspol needs cleaning and sanitising. A Federal ICAC is the answer it should also be ratified in the states that don't have a genuine anti corruption outfit with the skills and desire to purge politics of corruption.                        

If we find people at any level acting outside the law they must be pilloried. Earnings from corruption must be viewed as proceeds of crime. If mining licences have be granted illegally we should pursue it. All political donors should be scrutinised. Phone records between ministers and donors should also be of interest. Unless we clean the decks completely,we all deserve what we are being served at the moment.

The money that is being misused now is the money that once funded our infrastructure. A lot of our infrastructure has been sold off.History says it didn't have to be that way.Much of it has I'm sure been done to favor big business not in our interest as we've been led to believe.