Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Email to Governor General Peter Cosgrove re s44.1 breach

Dear Mr Cosgrove,
I am writing to you as the Queens representative in Australia to request the Prime Minister produce renouncement papers or resign from his office effective immediately.An FOI request response from Mr Abbott's office shows no documents exist.This means he is in breach of the Australian Constitution and is not eligible to run for or be in parliament. He must have filed forms with the AEC in 1994 and if he is a dual citizen the information supplied is false.I am disappointed I have had to write to you regards this matter. I have written to Mr Brandis and had no response in 2 months. The Attorney general obviously doesn't respect the Australian Constitution, otherwise, he would have enforced it.I am including this email in my blog as I believe it is in the public's interest to be aware of the Prime Ministers lack of regard for political probity and our nation's Constitution.

                                                                                     regards Mark Dickenson


This was sent via email 14/10/2014. The Governor General obviously doesn't think Australia's constitution is a significant document. I say this because he didn't even bother to respond. MP's & Ministers alike have also ignored this issue. Our standards are not up to scratch in Australian politics.