Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Freedom should be off limits!

My Great Grand Father fought for freedom in WWI. Pop would not like it that the very freedom he fought for.The freedom that many of his mates died for. Can be attacked and eroded by people with no mandate or right to do so.
Several weeks ago due to a perceived escalation in the threat of terrorism. Our politicians passed legislation that attacks freedom of speech. It restrains public awareness through controls ordered on our media. A media that has already been corrupted, through the lack of diversity in ownership in our great nation.
Australians have every right to be angry and disillusioned by our politicians and their actions.They have not shown any respect for our fallen soldiers or us, by rushing this legislation through Parliament. The LNP through their policies have shown they have no concern or empathy with the public.Their only allegiance is to themselves and their benefactors in the stratosphere of society. But what of the champions of the minions the ALP.They collectively stood and watched as this legislation was passed. Voting it through the lower house and Senate as if it was an insignificant issue with amazing disdain for the public. Anthony Albonese did after voting for it later question it which is damning of him. Did he not read the legislation prior to endorsing it?
My pop is long gone as is some of that freedom he fought so bravely for. It is an indictment on our politicians that they could get something so important so wrong.Australia needs fresh talent with new ideas in our parliament.People that create.People that initiate. People that look at a problem and have or will seek the talent to solve it. Currently auspol is devoid of this talent.It is a vacuous wasteland.