Sunday, 19 October 2014

#ClimateChange Ignorance isn't always bliss

Sure we do get rhetoric from our political representatives. We get airy-fairy commitments into the future.When we know only to well they will be gone and they cannot control, the commitments they make after they've left office.Our planet is finite.The future is not guaranteed.The world is like our bodies. If we mistreat it we will reduce life expectancy.Much of the damage currently being done to the planet in the name of progress/capitalism cannot be reversed.We must take heed to the warnings the planet is issuing.The reduction in polar ice caps.Rising sea levels.Changes in tidal patterns.More extreme weather events both in frequency and in consequence.The reduction in air quality in and around major cities.Record temperatures rising. These are all signals our planet is issuing to us we cannot ignore.

It's just not good enough to make minimal effort.We must explore alternative energies with lesser impacts on our environment.It isn't someone else's problem.We are all stakeholders. We should be making better use of our natural resources.Solar, Wind, rainfall should all be utilised better.Business should be given incentives to reduce consumption of detrimental fuel and energy sources. Scientific research should be encouraged through investment from governments.Targets should be short term and achievable.We can't keep pushing it back the way governments are through targets set 30 to 50 years in the future.All this does is placate anger and preserves bad behaviors present day.