Saturday, 11 October 2014

How low can Joe go?#auspol limbo

There is something intrinsically wrong with Joe Hockey. He preaches restraint.Yet any opportunity for him to take from taxpayers he does. In his first budget he has slashed funding to many minorities that can little afford to live already.Joe wouldn't know this because he leads a privileged life full of excesses.
Joe Hockey is reportedly taking his allowance and handing it to his wife who is the majority owner of a family property worth around 1.5 million dollars.Not only is this not disputed by Joe,he says that it's ok as others are doing it as well.The purpose of the allowance is to meet the costs of staying away from home.I believe if there is no cost to Mr Hockey, then he is effectively stealing from taxpayers. I and many others view an allowance not as a right it is a privilege and shouldn't  be exploited.
Joe Hockey should be sacked for this.He should be forced to repay any money. He cannot justify the expenditure of in relation to this allowance. If as he says others are rorting the system.They should face the same consequences. I would like a federal icac to be established to stamp out this type of behavior.To raise the integrity and probity that is absent from parliament at present.