Monday, 20 October 2014

Letter to Kelvin Thomson member for Wills regards PMs s44.1 breach

Dear Kelvin,
For several months now myself and Tony Magrathea have been writing to politicians with no response.It is apparent after a recent FOI search conducted by the PM's office that the PM has nothing at hand to verify his renunciation.His word just doesn't suffice with his chequered history regards honesty and political probity. The fact that Peta Credlin interfered in two prior FOI requests only adds to our belief that Mr Abbott is in breach of s44.1 of the Australian Constitution.This is not a "birther" issue it is based on the importance of our Constitution and the respect our political representatives must adhere to.It is clear to us that Mr Abbott has supplied false information to the AEC and has been illegally standing for election for the duration of his 20 years in politics.I want to be clear we have written to the following politicians in the hope that someone will vote with us on the side of probity. Mr Brandis Mr Dreyfus Mr Keenan The Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove.We are yet to even receive a response to what I regard as an issue that is a blight on our Nation and the integrity of Australian politics. Please do not force us to make an application to the High Court to resolve this issue. We have some 17,000 signatures requesting this issue be addressed without advertising.This email will be posted to my blog.Should you choose the course of integrity that others have not we can supply documents to be tabled in parliament.
                                                           regards      Mark Dickenson