Monday, 13 October 2014

letter to Mr Dreyfus regard s44.1 breach

Dear Mr Dreyfus

It has come to my attention that the Prime Minister may be in breach of s44.1 of the Australian Constitution. I have documents from an FOI request stating that no records of renouncement were found. I have written to you and Mr Brandis a few times.I am also aware that Mr Brandis received a request from Tony Magrathea over 2 months ago with no response. Political probity should be enforced particularly by the Attorney General.I would like this to be tabled in parliament and the Prime Minister should be forced to produce the document or be dismissed. If he fails to produce renouncement papers he has provided misleading information and is ineligible to be in parliament.I imagine it is a pretty serious offence to provide the AEC with false information. I know it is serious to breach our Constitution.
This is a link to the FOI documents from PM's office.If you are unable to open my email address is listed above.