Sunday, 26 October 2014

Politician's should not be beholden to anybody. Federal ICAC

It is blatantly obvious with a little research our politicians are tied by their allegiance to their political parties. But closer inspection uncovers something far more insidious. They are indebted to their political donors or sponsors. The ALP has similar allegiances to the Trade Union movement. The ties are so strong on both sides that the concerns of the general public their employer are only on their radars around election time.

I believe the reticence of parliament to have a federal ICAC are premised on self-preservation and maintaining the status quo. The stark reality is if federal ICAC was given powers, at least, equivalent to the NSW version preferably unlimited, the exposed corruption would see more than 50% of our politicians jailed. From things like travel rorts, misappropriation of allowances, the disclosure of information for financial advantage and the formulation of policy in return for donations.It would also see donors exposed for gaining financial advantage via corruption.

Politicians protecting one another through self-preservation. The events in NSW parliament are a clear indication of the extent of corruption and it has taken an independent umpire acting in the interest of political probity to expose the issue.

As a voter, I would entertain voting for a party that had no reliance on business or Unions for funding or an independent who is committed to acting in the interests of voters who employed him or her. It isn't happening at the moment the stark reality is we couldn't be further from their minds.                                                   

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