Thursday, 16 October 2014

The fish rots from the head #federalicacnow

Anyone paying attention to the events unfolding before us at NSW ICAC enquiry will be aware that it has uncovered corruption in politics.Naive as the LNP believe the public is.It cannot brush this off in the shower. Emails to the PM's office are yet to be explained.Probably because there is no rational way of explaining them.There is an old saying "the fish rots from the head" which supports the fact that when corruption is rife in an organisation it starts and is generally enabled from the heads of the organisation.

I have witnessed corruption first hand while working for the former RBA subsidiary Securency International.My experiences there reinforce my belief in the fish analogy.

Both Peta Credlin and Tony Abbott must explain the email exchanges and the knowledge of donations relating to evidence already presented at the ICAC hearings. Political probity must be sought as we cannot allow organisations to buy political favours via donations. Corruption must be uncovered exposed and annihilated as shown by the NSW resignations relating to this affair. If it isn't eradicated it spreads like a wildfire. The reality unfortunate as it is "money makes the world go round."