Sunday, 12 October 2014

Tony Abbott must be sacked & prosecuted! …


Thanks to some fantastic work by Tony Magrathea it is clear that Tony Abbott is and has been in breach of the Constitution s44 for his entire political career.The link above is an FOI search for the renouncement papers that would have existed had our Prime Minister complied with the constitution.It also means that he has supplied false or misleading information to run for office in Australia.
Tony Abbott must be sacked or stood down until this is investigated.Mr Abbott and members of his staff have interfered, delaying this from being public knowledge.It has also been covered up by many politicians from various parties including both the Attorney General and the Shadow Attorney General.
During the months that we have been seeking to prove Mr Abbott is in breach of s44 at any time, either he or his office could have produced the documents clearing his name.He is elusive, evasive and consistent to his lack of political probity lying appears to be a way of life.