Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Abbott sham.

I thought perhaps naively that the article published in Pravda yesterday may be a tipping point.That this article would force Abbott to respond.That it would force all the politicians and reporters to act on the information in front of them.
It appears to be not enough on both counts.Not because the story has no credibility. Nor is it because the reporters have more important issues to run. The reality is that all parties approached simply don't want to rock the boat.They wish to maintain the status quo.They are about to become embroiled in one of the greatest scandals in the history of global politics. They have ignored emails and letters.They have through their apathy enabled the Abbott lie to continue unfettered.
It should only be Abbott himself that faces the music over this. It was him who chose to lie to the electoral commission. It was him who chose to run for parliament knowing he was ineligible. It has been him who has continued on his path knowing that he has not truthfully answered questions on this topic.                                                
Why do we know Abbott is lying.It's in his pathology.It's also supported by the protection he has been afforded by Peta Credlin during 2 FOI requests. The failure to respond to the request for enquiries by Mr Brandis Michael Keenan and Peter Cosgrove also supports our belief. Then there are the documents. We have a response to a search from the Prime Ministers office that says no renouncement papers found. We know Abbott had dual citizen status to enable his scholarships. He gained entry to Oxford via his UK citizenship. He has been shielded from the fallout this story should receive, via his party and the association that exists between Murdoch and the media he controls.
I cannot explain why Mr Dreyfus has failed to table the documents in parliament, nor can I explain my local MP's failure Mr Thomson.While I haven't written to Mr Shorten I know he has also been aware of this issue via social media for some time.Whatever the reason none of them have acted in our interests and done their job in relation to this serious matter. All of them have sat on their hands.

We shouldn't have to go to the trouble of making an application to the High Court of Australia to have this matter dealt with, yet that appears to be where this matter is heading. Abbott will face justice. The Australian voter should be entitled to be represented by eligible people.

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