Monday, 8 December 2014

Email to Commonwealth Ombudsman re s44.1 breach Reply included!

Dear Sir /Madam,
I wish to formally complain that the Prime Minister refuses to respond to allegations he has lied to the AEC in relation to his dual citizen status. Not only has he failed to provide renouncement documents. An FOI search has also stated from his office that these documents do not exist.Also adding credence to our belief that he is in breach, Peta Credlin has interfered I two previous FOI requests. Letters have been sent to the Attorney General Mr Brandis, requesting that this crime be investigated and the documents are tabled in the House of Representatives.Ignoring a crime is an offence in itself. In 4 months we have not had a response from Mr Brandis Mr Keenan Mr Dreyfus Mr Shorten Mr Thomson they are all in our eyes complicit in their apathy.
If Tony Abbott has made false declarations to the AEC to run for parliament then his earnings and entitlements are proceeds of crime. His 20-year political career has no foundation. The Australian Constitution is and should be the foundation of Australian politics and adherence to its laws isn't optional and must be enforced. We have over 23,000 signatures on of Australian voters wanting this matter addressed.

                                                                                                                                 regards Mark Dickenson

Our reference: 2014-301960

Dear Mr Dickenson

Thank you for your enquiry of 15 December 2014.

It may be useful to note that the Commonwealth Ombudsman investigates complaints about the administrative actions of Australian Government agencies (that is ‘Federal’ or ‘Commonwealth’ Government agencies). We examine the process of administrative decision making to determine if an agency is following its policies and procedures correctly.

I must advise that based on your communication I am unable to identify a complaint that falls within the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth Ombudsman, as the Ombudsman does not have jurisdiction regarding the actions of elected Members of Parliament (Federal or State).

If you have concerns regarding a the Prime Minister’s lack of response, I suggest that you may wish to seek some independent legal advice.

You can view our Service Charter and our brochure ‘Making a complaint to the Ombudsman’ which explains the role of the Ombudsman’s office in more detail on our website at


James Whitton
A/G Investigation Officer
Commonwealth Ombudsman
Phone 1300 362 072 | Fax 02 6276 0123

also attached were documents from research by Tony Magrathea.