Sunday, 27 December 2015

Twitter Support regarding Tim Jones account @Fortheleft

Dear Twitter Support,

I have known Tim Jones for well over 12 months.I know him to be a passionate, articulate, politically motivated ,active participant on twitter. Tim has a large following which he worked very hard to cultivate. He was a joint founder of the very same political party that I believe collaborated to get the reaction Tim gave. I understand that Tim's account was cancelled permanently. Due to the provocation which I believe wasn't investigated i feel the penalty imposed on Tim was incredibly unfair. @AusProgressive played their part in this and their account remains active. Tim may have lashed out in response to baiting. I have had dealings with the other parties and they do stir emotions in people by not living up to expectations.
Please consider reinstating or merging Tim's accounts so his followers do not lose touch with him.
My name is Mark Dickenson. I am a Federal Senate candidate from Victoria Australia. My twitter account is @bugwannostra. This letter has been posted to my blog.

                                                            Kind regards Mark Dickenson.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Open letter Daniel Andrews #Vicpol #auspol #WorkSafe #Corruption

Dear Mr Andrews,
I recently went through an investigation with WorkSafe. I was not satisfied with the outcome or the nature of the way the investigation was conducted. I worked for Securency.At the time, they were majority owned by the RBA. They were embroiled in a bribery scandal and were planning to sell the business to limit damage to the RBA. A group of workers, our families the public and countless other contractors were exposed to a carcinogenic nanotechnology fibre that is critical to polymer banknote manufacturer. The board and the administration were aware of the danger of this product via WorkSafe PIN notices some 18 months prior. Yet the exposure continued for the aforementioned. Until I emailed the Managing Director. It was unbeknown to me at the time labelled a whistleblower. The notification wasn't registered on the system nor was the authority notified as the law required. This was damage control and it was effectively endorsed by WorkSafe. 2 of the exposed workers have died of cancer that could easily be contributed to the exposure to this product. Whilst I cannot prove there was an illegal relationship or any bribery.The things that weren't done by the Investigators.The footage that wasn't requested. The documents that were available that weren't seized.The nature of my former employer's behaviour lends itself to my belief that this was what took place.  I was made redundant so I couldn't pursue this issue from inside the business. I had my complaint escalated to the head office of WorkSafe then their investigation was referred to the DPP for review. Charges were not laid although it was acknowledged laws were broken. I am not upset with the DPP they can only review what's in front of them.Yet I feel aggrieved as the flawed investigation is what has prevented me from getting any justice in this matter. I would like to meet with you to discuss this matter as I think the integrity of government authorities should be very important.  Thanks regards  Mark Dickenson

Mr Andrews to date hasn't responded to me directly. A Minister sent me a generic response. Labor seems no different to Liberal regards integrity of their authorities. I have also learnt that my former employer's lawyers are from the same law firm that advises WorkSafe on what should and should not be prosecuted. They also have at least one person on the Board of Directors. They also are paid incentives to minimise successful claims for workers injured. How's that for conflict?
The worst of it is innocent people were exposed to this carcinogen/mutagen for 10 years with no consequence to the perpetrators.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Russian roulette. Lives #HealthWatch @sussanley @CatherineKingMP

My sister Jane has cystic fibrosis she battles bravely.On top of that she has a bug that doesn't respond to conventional therapies. The system and her illness have cornered her. Yet instead of rolling over and giving in she fights. She inspires me to do the same. The system of waiting for medicines & remedies for illnesses in Australia is archaic. It doesn't just apply to cystic fibrosis it hurts sick people right across the nation. It is so cumbersome it diffuses pressure on the system's key stakeholders. It gives Health Ministers & governments excuses they shouldn't have.                                                
Medical trials should be funded & scientifically monitored.Our system forces them into homes of caring people looking for solutions the system hasn't got around to.Good health outcomes actually save peoples lives. They offset other treatments that may have been required.On top of this people that had no hope of being productive in their communities due to bad health,can be .What price do you put on that? It shouldn't always be about dollars and cents.Humanity should be a bigger part of the equation.
 Here’s a snapshot of my sister’s story.     “About 7 years I was given a diagnosis of a chronic lung disease called Bronchiectasis and was told there was no cure. It was devastating news for me as I had always lived a healthy, active lifestyle and never smoked. Then to add to that about two years ago after multiple hospital admissions for lung bleeding and infection my medical team gave me a clinical diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis, a disease usually diagnosed at birth. It has been an uphill battle for me ever sinceand in recent years I have been battling a bug (called Stenotrophomonas) that responds to very few medications, and in my case only one medication. Unfortunately I have developed an allergy to this medication and while it seems to stabilise me, it doesn’t effectively treat the bug. It’s hard to even conceive that in this day and age with all the antibiotics available that I could find  myself in this situation. Rather than give up I am determined to find something that will help me even if it means searching outside the square. About two years ago I heard about a study on pigs with Cystic Fibrosis that were treated with inhaled sodium bicarbonate and the results were very encouraging. The doctor who presented the research seemed very enthusiastic about the potential applications in humans, but his obstacle to getting such a trial off the ground was money. It seemed that pharmaceutical companies were not interested in funding a trial in a product that would not generate money…..good old sodium bicarbonate (or as we know it bicarb soda) The study really resonated with me and I felt compelled to find out more. I contacted researchers in the US who were planning to run human trials. I even registered myself for a trial with the University of Pittsburgh, but my health was not good at the time and I had to suspend my application. With the reality of my situation and there seeming to be no prospects of research of this nature in Australia, I decided to take matters into my own hands and trial the product myself. I chatted with my family and after seeking advice from doctors overseas, who of course couldn’t endorse the use of this product, I decided to give it a go. I am not a risk taker by nature so I didn’t make this decision lightly. I’ve been inhaling sodium bicarbonate in a saline solution for 2 months now and although I cannot prove that my health is stable because of this product I am convinced it is helping me and it needs to be researched further. My dream for the future is that this therapy could be used alongside other therapies currently used to treat Cystic Fibrosis and other respiratory conditions. With no prospect of access to the new lifesaving therapies that cost huge amounts of money in the short term I have been forced to search outside the square. There are other patients facing the same or similar scenarios to me. I worry about young kids in my situation whose future depends on access to lifesaving medications and any other therapies that can improve their quality of life. We need a system that allows timely access to lifesaving medications. Our government and the pharmaceutical companies need to work together to ensure people are not waiting years to access these lifesaving medications. The priority should be lives before profits”.  

A long time ago before corruption of our political system and the authorities that are meant to support its integrity. Things like health weren't optional.People were given the best treatment available.Not based on class or wealth just need. To me as a person humanity must always prevail in decisions.There is a hundred years of history that says we can fund services and live together constructively.There are models of government around the world that work and do so now. We must investigate this post haste. 

Never doubt the love of siblings #HealthWatch please feel free to use the hashtag.

regards Mark Dickenson

Every MP has betrayed this nation. #auspol

The recent revelation that 579 most successful companies haven't paid a zac in taxes for the past financial year is shocking to anyone who understands its significance, They take plenty from our economy and deliver nothing in return. They should be dealt with in a very public way in a very public forum. The humiliation of their brand would probably force a change in direction. Or things like brand #boycotts would suffice.
What disgusts me more than the lack of corporate ethics associated with this, is the failure of governments to highlight it and do anything to remedy it. There isn't an MP in our parliament today that could deny knowledge of these tax evasion issues.What have they been doing about it? I am sure much of the apathy hides further involvement. Corporations donate to political parties across the globe. They sometimes do it in obtuse ways to avoid detection or scrutiny. Subsidiaries with unrecognisable names often make donations. Sometimes Subsidiaries of subsidiaries. The inaction is disgusting.The MPs focus should be representing their electorates. How does ignoring tax evasion meet that criterion? Personally, I don't think there is an MP in parliament that can vindicate their inaction on this issue. Voters should banish them all.
An independent body must investigate the relationships of political donations and prosecute anything untoward. I see little evidence suggest this is happening.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

The life of a casual here today.

It was early Monday morning and the staff gathered for their early morning exercise regimen and the routine pep talk from management. About 40 people present for the early morning experience. Ah but today it was different.

Ok, guys, we've been told by people further up the pole to inform you that the worst performed worker will be going home at 9.30 cutting their scheduled shift in half. As a casual worker, you can be sent home yet this is different. The person who is unfortunate enough to be the lowest is singled out and sent home in shame. Embarrassed humiliated in front of people that some have worked with for 3 years. The employer shows no regard welfare or duty of care to the hired help.Whilst it breaches laws in OHS it isn't enforced with any vigour by the authority. Oh if said employee went home and harmed themselves the directors down would be in a poultice of trouble.
I've had dealings with WorkSafe and they are rather blase about enforcement depending generally on who the culprits are and what the relationship is like. That's another issue.

When workers are casual they live with the uncertainty.They are bullied into working overtime when required. Then cut back when business drops. Companies are now manipulating the system by having multiple agencies on 1 site so nobody gets overtime when it can be avoided. They are also using a 38 hour week to make the weekend work at normal rates. I suggest this in many cases is illegal dependent on the award involved. The conundrum for the casual worker is if they question it or anything else they are easily discarded. Fair Work Australia isn't a gummy shark but it's not user-friendly to casual employees. Many casual workers wouldn't know what their rights are. Employers abuse this with great regularity.

This will, of course, all adversely affect the morale of staff and eventually, it will be lose-lose for all concerned. I think it's incredibly shortsighted unfair and probably negligent behaviour, but with the amount of labour hire in Australia, I'd be surprised if it isn't common place. This may be how the pyramids were erected post haste but it ain't no way to treat workers.

Monday, 23 November 2015

#asylum Why our govt is wrong.

 They base our border protection on the premise that boats laden with asylum seekers are illegal. Boats are inanimate they cannot break laws. The only illegal activities involve the people smugglers, and if you believe the media here & overseas our border protection or whoever the govt authorised to make payments on our nation's behalf to said, smugglers.                                                  
 Australia is a signatory of the refugee charter. We recognise it is a human right to flee oppression.Yet of recent times, we incarcerate asylum seekers in detention centres.Screening is taking  3 years on average.Much of this is done offshore. A lot of it is done under a shroud o secrecy.Voters according to government policy aren't considered fit to be in the loop with these matters. Minister Peter Dutton hides behind "Operational Matters" to shield himself from the awkward question he doesn't have the nouse to answer without further incrimination.

I believe many immigration ministers have failed over the years going all the way back to Malcolm Fraser's government.The ALP has a similar form as well albeit less inhumane.
We as a nation must realise that as a direct result of our US alliance and our involvement in Kuwait-Iraq & now Syria. We have had a hand in the birth of  ISIL and the terrorist events that have ensued. We have entered a zone that historically has never known peace. We clearly haven't had solutions or an escape plan. Apart from the economic strain of a long unfruitful conflict.The world now has 6 million new asylum seekers from Syria. Terrorists among them apparently. Screening is difficult. People are scared after the French attacks and that's understandable.
For that reason vigilance in screening is critical. People incarcerated illegally for 3 years will grow resentment.I'm sure these offshore detention centre cultivate hate for our government. Just imagine if it was you or your mum or daughter how would you feel? 3 years no crime is a lot to lose for running from bombs dropping from the sky.

I do think assimilation is an important thing that has been neglected in the past. This is one area of our society I'm not happy with. People have been allowed into Australia that doesn't respect women. People have been allowed in that don't want to go to school with us. Buildings are being constructed that clearly don't look to fit our culture. That isn't to say these things can't be addressed nor are they exclusively owned by a race or religion.
I think Scott Morrison & Peter Dutton are both fools and it will be the taxpayers that suffer the consequences. Inhumane treatment will eventually see lawsuits that I imagine will cost us a poultice. Not to mention the damage these things do to our international reputation.

Monday, 9 November 2015

GST slugs those who can least afford it

There are many minorities that are already lagging behind through no fault of their own. Our elderly disabled sick, unemployed mentally ill.Many struggle to survive on what they have. Every case is different. Yet a GST increase will push some gripping on my their fingernails off the edge.                               A revenue tops up for a government that allows so much waste. Our MPs show no signs of restraint. Spending our taxes on themselves travel food accommodation $2 million per head for the past financial year.                    
                         Many of the people who struggle have incomes under $50 Thousand  some are on pensions some have no prospect of holding a job. I heard Eddie McGuire speaking with a politician on the radio while at work.They to me seemed rather flippant regards the necessity for an increase. No disrespect to Eddie but he probably has more in his glove box than these people spend in a year.

                        As those of you who follow me are aware I have a 20-year-old autistic son & 2 older children. My autistic son is in a day program which is partly funded by gov't and 40% of his pension covers the balance. This gives his mum a break during school hours.It allows Dylan to do activities and some community service while supervised. Many carers are on their own. Many can't work as they have too much responsibility providing care. There are so many stories of people isolated by life in Australia. Much of it is directly resulting from poor government decisions over the past 30 years.                         Many of the services that were run by the government have been slashed repeatedly via austerity until dysfunctional.Then sold off at bargain prices via privatisation. This means services once partially self-funded are now profit driven enterprises. The human element doesn't seem to matter.    
                          Depending on what data you believe we have as many as 300,000 homeless in Australia. A GST rise will see that number rise by 50%. What will happen to people with no support from families or carers? We need people who know what it's like to survive on $40,000 a year represented in parliament. We need people with empathy for others making decisions. Our current MPs have no idea.Take a good look at them. Look at what they spend. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Why #auspol let us down.

We have a system that only allows for one of two options forming government. Both of these choices are riddled with baggage.That's not to suggest the smaller boutique parties and even independent politicians don't have their own. Perhaps I'm an idealist. A government should be driven to create an environment for its citizens to thrive .In my opinion they should also be the safety net for those who fall.
Our government of the day appears to be choreographed by wealthy benefactors.This is reflected in policy funding and focus. The party is quite diverse which causes issues in itself . It isn't conducive to the rise of talent. Many MPs appear to have a role until they choose not to. Unfortunately not based on performance.
The alternative Labor is riddled by the same issues.The diversity of the unions and their varied agendas mean the party's agenda is often unclear. They are more humane than their counterparts. Talent again is an issue. They do tend to be seduced by the trappings of office at the front end.They also appear to have a job for life set up.
People on both sides of the equation with talent have to fight their way through the maze and then try to galvanise what they have around them. A lot of deal brokering and internal fighting follows.

This means that as a people even when we win we usually lose. The same uninspired faces end up in similar roles . We just revolve monotonously from one to the other waiting to be inspired by someone. It would be accidental to get inspiration from the comfort that currently exists.
I would love to see an MP crash through and expose the flaws. In parliament and when appropriate on its steps and in the media. If policy is not good. Thrash about make some noise, highlight it. If another MP misleads parliament, expose it. Table documents ask questions. Push their buttons. Make them answer. It just doesn't happen. That's at the heart of what's wrong. Apart from the neglect of the masses barring election campaigns.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

My take on Adam Goodes.

I've been going to AFL games since I was 7 years old I'm now 49 .When I was young I used to sleep with my footy. Adam Goodes the footballer rates in the best 20 players I've seen play the game. He was awarded the highest individual honour twice during his career.He played great games for the duration of his career.
Adam has done wonderful things for the indigenous community during his career often without attention. He has spoken out appropriately when he has had a forum to do so. I do know that he has always appeared to follow his heart which is an admirable trait. The later stages of his footy career were slightly more erratic than the early years. I can't say for sure but I imagine as the body slows and the mercurial abilities diminish it must be a source of some frustration.
Some of the footy incidents Adam was involved in were damaging to his image in the eyes of average
footy fans. Most were dealt with at the tribunal. The racial vilification on the boundary by a young girl,was in the end as damaging to Adam as it was the young girl. I don't know why Adam chose the girl to highlight this issue that had apparently been his reality over the course of his career. It was I imagine spontaneous. She had crossed the line and said things to Adam that nobody should have said to them.
I can't speak of the impact as I'm not an indigenous man. I have great empathy for their plight.The treatment since white settlement has been deplorable more often than not.
I have always thought that much of the Adam Goodes treatment isn't racially motivated which I know is controversial. I base this on the fact that often Adam plays alongside other indigenous players at most games both with and in opposition.
Adam is an activist advocate the other players are not. Sometimes activists push buttons to get reactions to highlight the cause. I always thought Adam was doing this from time to time. Not ever enough to disenfranchise the people the way they carry on today.
Perhaps there's a little bit of that horrible aussie trait "tall poppy syndrome" at play. I'm not sure but it's a damn shame that people are hounding the man post his football career. To be honest I don't agree with booing it happens at most games. I feel very sorry that a man who has done much much more positive than negative has been harassed in his final years on the field.
I don't know Adam personally. I hope he is able to use his profile for good post his AFL career. The indigenous community need real leaders. Adam has everything he needs to make a go of it should he choose. I hope he does.

Privatising aged care erodes humanity.

They wouldn't want me too. Selfless providers they were, are. They did everything for me. Fed me clothed me, drove me to sports events. They both actually caddied for me at PGA-sanctioned events. Dad did better than mum, but mum turned out to be far better at golf than dad. I could regale you with further stories from my childhood and formative years but I'll save that for another day.

The real point behind this blog is to let you know how I feel about aged care.Not just my parents. Most people, deserve no have earnt the right to expect they will be revered & learnt from. When I visit my father in the aged care facility and see the register. The no of entries versus the number of  residents it saddens me.
It's not always neglected. Sometimes they have nobody. I imagine many have family who works more than they should make ends meet. I imagine there are some that are estranged. I imagine there are many scenarios I haven't entertained.
I do know this. The Australia I want to be part of respects those that have come before us. I want our elders to be given respect. I'm happy for taxes to go in this direction. I'd rather fund aged care, than MP food accommodation & travel.
Elderly people are being herded into aged care prematurely. I read recently of someone in high care that was denied visitation from family due to concerns of liability. That is not the Australia I want. I get the litigious world we live in yet I think humanity must prevail. God help them if they stop me being with my mum or dad. They will need tasers.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Casual use of casual employees.

Many businesses now are heavily utilising casual employees via labour hire. Increased flexibility the cry. This in the short term can be a win-win for both parties. Unfortunately in some cases, many I believe it is heavily weighted in favor of the employer. Originally casual labour was meant to be short term leading to the possibility of full-time employment. It is not being used in this way by many employers.
I have seen first-hand employers with casual employees that have been on the same treadmill for several years. No annual leave. The day's cut without notice. No sick leave. Bullied into working overtime when it suits the business requirements.Often not written into EBAs they also miss the incremental pay increases the Companies say they have made in good faith.
It's heavily weighted in favor of the business. It eventually gets to a point where it is detrimental to all involved. People get burnt out when treated this way by employers. It eventually leads to OHS concerns and performance issues.
Our MPs don't do enough to ensure these employment types are scrutinised.They really need to look at the human cost.                                  

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

#auspol the merry go round must end for MPs

I recently decided to have a go at federal politics as an independent candidate from Victoria I intend to run for the Senate. Apart from the areas I have previously listed as passions. My primary reason for running is concern. Concern for the type of people currently representing us. Concerns for integrity in politics. Concerns for the state of our independent authorities. I want to lift the standards of representation average people have. I want to restore their faith in our systems. I'd like to have truly independent authorities. Our system as is pretends they are yet most of the main players are all politically appointed. Which implies debt at the very least. I am not saying that all political appointees are corrupt or unfit for the roles they hold. I do think there is evidence to suggest relationships run deeper than the public would want or expect.
I think it is important that our MPs are required to meet higher standards than they currently do. I am shocked by the massive amounts of money MPs allowances and travel account for. It should be a priority to have this scrutinised and any inappropriate activities should be punished. We have MPs wining and dining ,investing allowances for personal gain. I find a lot of what is happening to be offensive and in many cases an abuse of trust.
Your taxes the gov't refers to as revenue, should be working for you. Of course MPs need to travel and will incur expenses. 2015/16 the #auspol MP allowances were in excess of 1/2 a billion $. Travelling business class, private jets ,choppers , luxury limousines & luxury gondolas. It's not fair to single out 1 MP or 1 party, it's endemic .There may be exceptions but not many looking at the numbers.
If I'm elected I promise I will be flying economy and there will be no ghost flights on my behalf.
‘For Immediate Release 09/10/15’

“Help Me Help You. The Peoples’ Politician.”

In light of an unstable political landscape in Australia, it’s reassuring to know there’s an aspiring politician on the horizon, that hopes to one day give a voice to those who need to be heard.
His name is Mark Dickenson, a hard working father of three, that like many, is disillusioned by the state of play in Australian politics. His passion is to focus on real issues that affect Australians such as health & support services for the sick, disabled and domestic violence victims just to name a few.
Mr Dickenson is no stranger to adversity himself, having a son with Autism, a sister with Cystic Fibrosis and a father with mental illness and Dementia. These real life experiences have highlighted the need for better support services for minority groups. According to Mr Dickenson, “these groups are being left behind thanks to austerity and an inept government, and the reality that two women are dying in Australia each week as a consequence of domestic violence is unacceptable. It’s time for action, not just words”
The plan is for Mr Dickenson to run for a seat in the Senate at the next  federal election. In the meantime he’ll be spreading the word about what he stands for and expanding his already impressive reach via social media and other media platforms. In his words “winning a seat would be a real honour and privilege. People want a clear plan for the future ad most importantly want to see that plan in action”

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Federal Senate candidate Media release #auspol

‘For Immediate Release 09/10/15’

“Help Me Help You. The Peoples’ Politician.”

In light of an unstable political landscape in Australia, it’s reassuring to know there’s an aspiring politician on the horizon, that hopes to one day give a voice to those who need to be heard.
His name is Mark Dickenson, a hard working father of three, that like many is disillusioned by the state of play in Australian politics. His passion is to focus on real issues that affect Australians such as health & support services for the sick, disabled and domestic violence victims just to name a few.
Mr Dickenson is no stranger to adversity himself, having a son with Autism, a sister with Cystic Fibrosis and a father with mental illness and Dementia. These real life experiences have highlighted the need for better support services for minority groups. According to Mr Dickenson, “these groups are being left behind thanks to austerity and an inept government, and the reality that two women are dying in Australia each week as a consequence of domestic violence is unacceptable. It’s time for action, not just words”

The plan is for Mr Dickenson to run for a seat in the Senate at the next  federal election. In the meantime, he’ll be spreading the word about what he stands for and expanding his already impressive reach via social media and other media platforms. In his words “winning a seat would be a real honour and privilege. People want a clear plan for the future and most importantly want to see that plan in action”

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

#auspol #Senate #Election2016 Only people can decide.

I am like most of the population. I can live with that. I love Australia.I've spent my life here. The people, the culture the diversity.If there's a better place to live I'd like to know where? I have a great family I want them to be able to have the same opportunities and the best possible infrastructure to enable this.                                              

I watch our current crop of MPs and it terrifies me.They seem to have no plan.They seem to have little output. They appear to be having a grand old time at our expense.I know voters are disillusioned by our parliament.
I have family that are impacted by several things.I have a son with Autism. I have a sister with cystic fibrosis.I have a father with a mental illness and dementia.I have an elderly mother. So you can take it for granted I am passionate about these issues. The services available. The fact that these minorities are being failed.Services eroded. The gap widens.They are being left behind thanks to austerity and inept government.
I am also passionate about domestic violence. Because women are dying at the rate of 2 per week which is obscene.Our MPs say the right things for the cameras, yet the reality is they invest over 20 times more in their own allowances, rorting included. This is a seriously complicated issue that requires more funding, not less. It's a national disgrace.
Our government cries poor says we don't have enough resources to pay for these services. Yet they pour billions of dollars into areas like political advertising and mining subsidies.In my eyes, these are fruitless and should be abolished. I question the motives behind this expenditure.The government also ignores the corporate world's lacklustre contribution to society via tax evasion.
I reside in Victoria so if you live elsewhere you're off the hook voting day. I like to think I will be accessible to all Australians. You can follow me on twitter @bugwannostra. I'm going to need all the support I can muster as the major parties have huge advertising budgets and favorable media access. Winning a seat would be fantastic. A real honor to be able to help real people find their voice in our parliament. I truly believe that is what our parliament is for. It should be about you.

                                                                           regards Mark Dickenson

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

MP spending obscene. #auspol

  On the back of  #choppergate, that saw the speaker lose her position.Also a recent trip to Venice by the Attorney general, where he had a lovely luxury gondola ride on our coin. Where he also found time to have a clandestine meeting with Cardinal Pell a required witness in a current Royal Commission into sexual abuse. We have Joe Hockey using his allowance as an investment tool definitely in Canberra and possibly in Cairns. He refuses to respond to the Cairns question. Joe claims others are doing it which I imagine is true. Gauging by the huge MP allowances bill over the past 12 months $506,000,000 in 2015/16  there will be many who have blurred the lines. Many that have broken laws. Many that are unfit for  the office they hold.
This issue needs to be investigated.Fully audited by an independent auditor/umpire with broad powers. The AFP should be able to do much of this. They clearly should not be utilised as they do not appear to be operating as fully independent. I can detail reasons why I believe this is clear. The most blatant are one close to my heart. The Abbott s44.1 breach of the Constitution. There is ample evidence to support the possibility that the former PM has been a dual citizen for the 7 elections he has contested. The AFP have not investigated complaints made by myself and a mate Tony Magrathea. They gave me a generic response out of the legal deadline they operate under. Without any request for evidence I have. Or any request for an interview. There are other examples that would deem them inappropriate in my eyes, that are unrelated to the Abbott case.
It's my perception that many of our statutory authorities  are mere facades.They have been rendered as such over time via political appointments."Jobs for the boys" so to speak.Seems to be the way of the world. This is evident in the three tiers of Government we have in Australia.It's a huge drain on our nation and its efficiency. It appears to be how our politicians want it to be. It seems it is by design.                                          
MPs average allowance bill for a year $2,200,000 that doesn't include salaries and office expenditure. All the flights local and Overseas accommodation meals etc come out of this tab. The huge amounts probably explain why they really don't want scrutiny.
As taxpayers, you are entitled to expect better. You are entitled to expect they will be frugal with the funds you provide. You are currently being treated with disdain by your politicians. Welcome to #auspol

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Pathology says Abbott's in breach.

History says Tony Abbott has real issues with honesty. I recently saw a meme claiming he'd lied 357 times in 2 years as PM. Even if these numbers are exaggerated they clearly show the man's pathology.

Abbott has repeatedly refused to prove he is no longer a dual citizen. That he is compliant with s44.1 of the Australian constitution. People wanting this issue clarified are branded birthers to discredit them. Actually, the issue isn't really about an origin. It's about compliance. It's about the integrity of politicians representing us.

In the real world if someone makes a false declaration to get a job it's regarded as fraud. Abbott is accused of making a false declaration to the AEC prior to running for parliament. Now the issue is probably more serious than that. As he has continued to roll on without remorse claiming salary & entitlements that if guilty he is not eligible to claim.

If he is not compliant he has involved many others in this issue, politicians from both major parties have dropped the ball here. Many don't comprehend the significance of the issue.It goes to the core of why our parliament fails to deliver what it could. It explains the levels of MP expenditure on themselves. It shows the motives of many of our politicians are not sincere.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Let's get creative & generate revenue #auspol

I look at the current state of our parliament with lament. Our politicians seem  devoid of ideas and endeavour. The current economic strategy seems to be geared towards reducing the responsibility of Government. This is done by privatisation of assets that once gathered revenue. Often these assets have been systematically gutted to underperform via austerity. This allows Government to sell off assets at a reduced sale price. A highly unethical & common practice of Governments across the globe including Australia.
I was born in 1965,a time when government owned and operated many assets employing a lot of people. Banking,Public Transport, all the utilities Gas ,Electricity & Water. These operated in many instances with success providing huge benefits to communities and generating revenue to supplement the day to day running of the nation.
Modern politicians bemoan the lack of revenue at their disposal. Many of them have been involved in the process that has seen it diminish. This is an indictment on their talent. It's also a window into their lack of comprehension of the workings of an economy.
Given free reign what would I do? I would ban all political advertising for 12 months. Monitoring the impact with care. Depending on the result I would consider extending this. My reason for this is one to save money that doesn't have huge community benefit. Much of this money feeds media moguls,who in turn fund political parties via donations it's a mutual beneficial system that hurts the taxpayer.This money can be better utilised providing services to the community where required. Services like "meals on wheels" "domestic violence refuges" "pbs medicines" that are slow getting approved etc.
Another saving would be cuts to subsidies of mining.I'm not seeing much benefit from our nations resources. I see no reason for funding private enterprise.I get the principle "trickle down economics"  don't think it works.It just pumps up,already huge profits & makes rich people richer. These savings can also be utilised to fund services. These services provide jobs. The also have other hidden community benefits.
I think it would be great to help the community by opening it's own bank. Banks are not being responsible citizens which makes this option a real consideration. Consumers are being gouged by our banks both in housing loans and credit cards. I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult for Government to offer competitive rates to re enter this industry. Generating jobs & revenue. Who knows, if this is successful what other areas could looked at. Renewables, mining?

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Domestic violence an Australian shame.

We live in a relatively lucky country. Lucky for many. Lucky for some. Whatever the case may be, it  is anything but lucky for the two women per week that die at the hand of a partner or spouse. Yes, that's right 2 per week. Sure it's hidden from the eyes of many.It happens in homes all over the country. It happens to people from all walks of life. It happens in your suburb. Probably in your street. Society doesn't accept this behavior. In fact, it despises it. It isn't nearly as vocal as it should be.
The victims of domestic violence are often so scarred mentally, they live with the fear until it's too late. Partly because they can't see a way out. Often because there are children involved. Also, because the system that taxpayers hope would offer escape isn't nearly sufficient.
Politicians and Government in Australia say all the right things in the media on this issue. The sincerity of this is exposed as fraudulent when you examine the investment of time and money this issue actually receives.
We have a preoccupation with issues that aren't significant in Australia to date. Terrorism receives massive funding and the imbalance of this is frightening. Over 100 women a year die from domestic violence each year. Terrorism has taken 2 this year and the link with terrorism is tenuous at best. It could have easily been attributed to cuts in mental health funding. #auspol must take this issue seriously and invest in safe escape routes for victims of domestic violence.

Monday, 15 June 2015

#auspol People smugglers on the payroll?

It is our reality that our Government and our parliament is dishonest. The Government operates in secrecy. In the past few days news filtered back from Indonesia that people smugglers returned to Indonesia with wads of cash. This will in the coming days be verified as the Indonesian Government is no fan of the Abbott Government. They will be monitoring what's said in and out of parliament before they have a crack so to speak. The reaction from Abbott alone sends flares into the air as far as I'm concerned. I've seen the evasiveness before many times. when he's been confronted about his citizenship & renunciation.
The Abbott Government has little regard for law. They interfere regularly where they shouldn't. For this reason and the  mixed messages from the Minister Peter Dutton this appears to have legs.

How often this has occurred? How much money is involved? Is it legal to offer financial inducements to people smugglers? Is it legal to turn away asylum seekers without processing them? How can somebody seek asylum in Australia if boats are all rejected in such a way? Would you need to get a pilots licence and fly yourself  all whilst fleeing an oppressive regime?

I expect this will all be worked out in the coming weeks. I do wish the authorities would intervene as the human rights aspect of this process has been deplorable for well over a decade. It seems to be hitting new lows under the Abbott Govt although the previous govts have also been clandestine.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Don't believe what they peddle Australia. #auspol

It's a reality of life that we get old or die trying. Our politicians know this. In Australia we have an aging population. Once upon a time we took care of our elderly . Now it is privatised. Prices are driven up by the year . Forcing people out of their homes and into nursing homes. It isn't that the Govt couldn't afford to provide these services. It's just easier for them not to. Farm out the responsibility sell off the assets until they only have to turn up and show their face.

The process of privatisation in Australia has no positive outcomes for consumers. The government of the day and their predecessors have formed something of a template for this process. They cut service funding until near collapse. Then sell a lucrative business at a greatly reduced value. Usually the sale is done with little transparency.Political benefactors are usually the only winners in the process. Is this corrupt? Of course it is. Problem is the authorities that police corruption have been previously targeted via political appointments,rendering the useless in many cases.

My father is in a nursing home as I type. Much to my chagrin I cannot afford to jump off life's treadmill to prevent this. He is in a large facility. Cost just under 400k for 1 small room with bed & chair with small en suite. A portion of which will be refunded on departure. There are maybe 100 residents. Half have fancier dwellings at greater cost. On top of this they take his pension.Still my mother is billed for other things which eats into her way of life. The government owns this issue their apathy created it. They probably have no concept of the mess they have made.The owners of these facilities are the big winners. At the expense of all others.

Personally I'd like to see our governments take back control of this. Create jobs for people. Try to provide quality services without the necessity to gouging profit. History says this can be done. Can our politicians be bothered?        

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Can't help themselves bad apples! WorkSafe? Mr Andrews?

I worked for the Reserve Bank subsidiary Securency a joint venture between the RBA and Innovia. At the time I didn't realize the significance of what I was witnessing.It was only in hindsight I did. Age investigation had broken a story this morning regards bribery of foreign officials in the procurement of huge note printing contracts. I walked into an area that was normally vacated office space on a Saturday morning. Today there were many executives in track suits normally in tailored suits feeding documents into shredding machines. Some of which had been dragged out of archives. Looked rather dodgy. I just proceeded to get the signatures I required and went back to work.

During the course of the Age investigation there were AFP raids documents & computers seized.Many arrests. Some prosecutions. Much damage control! Deck chairs were shuffled. People were cut loose sacrificed for want of a better word. Most of what was reported was true. Some stories never saw the light of day. Anyone brave and honest enough to take the bastards on was quickly targeted discredited and marched out of the place. The hookers the money the bribes the blackmail was all seen as a necessary evil.Probably the driving force behind the joint venture in my opinion.

Much of my experience is at a much lower level. I became an OHS rep and a AMWU delegate on the back of some pretty ordinary treatment of a fellow worker who's since passed away. He died of a rare aggressive form of cancer that I believe to be occupational. He was blamed for a mistake that wasn't his fault. The matter was investigated internally. I went in to bat for him. Shot holes in the procedures involved. Explained how poor management choices had made it possible for this mistake to occur. Management put this guy a loyal employee through incredible stress,he was the fall guy . Some one to blame when dealing with the foreign officials from the Country concerned. This also was the catalyst for my future dealings with these people.

The Union welcomed me on board. I did my initial training read up on the OHS legislation and worked out how it could be utilized to make the work place safer. Only months into the experience at a social function I learnt of an existing issue that had been the subject of prior PIN notices with Work Safe. A chemical used and critical to the production of polymer bank notes had been the subject of handling and exposure prior to my becoming a HSR. The issue had been monitored but not properly managed. People involved at my part of the business were still manually disposing this dangerous product without the appropriate protections afforded to those in the specific area of the PIN. I went to my boss regards this and he didn't seem to comprehend its significance.I escalated it a few days later via an email to the Managing Director .I knew that this was a massive issue of great urgency. I also knew that I needed to shield myself  moving forward as this issue would put me on their radar. I made sure I could document everything I did and said regards my OHS HSR dealings. I was also careful with my duties as an employee. Managing Director responded to my email quickly and seemingly sincerely.The matter was investigated internally.  I later discovered that I was labelled internally as a whistle blower a fact that was never actually meant to be known to me. I only discovered it when I issued a PIN requesting information relating to the investigation be turned over to me as it was clearly an OHS issue.  
Before I was marched out under the guise of redundancy. Ironically the same fate of 2 prior HSR's involved in this very issue. There were several poorly coordinated attempts by management to set me up with a view to ending my employment.

Post my redundancy I  via my Union lodged a complaint with FWA . The Union lodged it out of time. They claim it was a mistake. It definitely was not in my interests and it helped my former employer. After researching my options I made a complaint to Work Safe claiming discrimination against a HSR. I spoon fed this investigation. Told them what to look at. What footage would be available. How the records held of waste disposal could categorically prove that my claims were legitimate. I told them what laws had been broken. Including non disclosure. Failure to  provide a safe workplace. Both WorkSafe Investigations were flawed. They didn't prosecute my former employer. They didn't investigate the issues properly thoroughly and they took nearly 2 years to do so. Investigation by myself discovered that my employer and WorkSafe take advice from the same law firm. This is a massive conflict. The lead lawyer at WorkSafe said this was common place. My last port of call was to refer my case to the DPP. An option I did exercise,although I soon knew my hopes were forlorn as they can only review what they are presented by WorkSafe investigators. So whether the investigation was flawed, got at,or the system is rotten to the core matters little. The result is the same.                                        

Was my former employer capable of bribing an official ? Yes Did they have a record of doing so? Yes. Did they exercise this option with WorkSafe? Not sure. Did they comply with the laws and regulations in the OHS legislation?No. Many of the laws broken are indictable offences. Do WorkSafe pick and choose who they pursue? Not sure. Is WorkSafe truly an independent authority or has this been eroded via political appointments? 

I believe government owns this issue. Many involved escaped scrutiny or prosecution. Many people have been injured exposed to risk and remain totally oblivious to the fact as the issue for the most part has been covered up. 

I hope our country gets a Federal ICAC that can investigate and expose corruption in Australia. How we find independent people to run it is a great concern to me. Otherwise we run the risk of having just another toothless authority that's compromised from within.  

Dear Mr Andrews,
I have had to battle a system you now oversee for more than 2 years 5 if you count the experiences I had as a HSR and employee at Securency. WorkSafe advertise heavily with tax payers dollars. They had a massive campaign about speaking up at work.These adds encouraged this practice. They implied protection. The law also supports this. Yet the reality is the system is only as good as its enforcement. I will happily drag WorkSafe and the Government to VCAT to expose the gap between reality and what's sold to the public via media campaigns. This issue is no longer just about myself & my family.It's about all working class families that toil under this umbrella. This email has been attached to my blog. I look forward to a response from you.

                                                                   regards Mark Dickenson

This was just sent to the Premier this morning 8/05/2015

Sunday, 5 April 2015

What's the deal with #MSM ? #auspol

Hands up if you're perplexed by the standard of our media. If you're gobsmacked by the lack of sincerity on offer in political reporting you are not alone. I found it ironic that the recent laws passed regarding #dataretention were regarded as an attack on the press.Rather than what they were. A gross invasion of privacy and freedom of all Australians. A betrayal of the people by its elected representation.The bleating mumblings of #MSM in general terms were "A what about me?" showing their true colors.

Are they really worthy of protection? They believe themselves to be different to the general population. They aren't of course nor should they be. Since when does write an article, having a radio or television program separate you from the flock? Our media in Australia is dominated by not monopolized a few wealthy people. Those in control affect integrity either via implied fear or direct interference.We are often deprived of the entire story, the truth. Often there is a spin in the story, particularly in #auspol stories. Our media decide what we should know and what we shouldn't. They pick and choose what they report and what remains hidden from scrutiny.
People like Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine, and Chris Kenny are wheeled out with great regularity on #MSM providing an incredibly biased version of what's actually happening. Rather than reporting what is they report what they believe. They also regularly attack the ABC for providing alternative versions of events. The ABC doesn't compete on equal terms, as it isn't pumped up by political advertising. It isn't a donor to political parties, so it isn't rewarded with favorable policies.

#dataretention is an incredible invasion of our privacy. A breach of trust from our politicians that should not be forgotten come election time. These policies weren't taken to the people. They weren't popular in polling. They don't respect freedom they intrude upon it. Worst of all they don't respect the fact that past generations fought and died protecting these freedoms. The very freedoms our politicians and media failed to protect revere and respect when discussing #dataretention.

Friday, 27 March 2015

"Don't be scared just #BootBaird "

It's a big day. Election day in NSW. Will the voters give Baird another run? Knowing about #icac the resignations, the corruption. Knowing of the intent Baird has to lease/sell power to China for 99 years ,when it's a genuine revenue raiser. Knowing that he has the intent to cut funding to disabilities services. Knowing his intent to explore #CSG without concern for the environmental impacts.
Living in Victoria I'm not fully across the talent pool in #NSWpol .I'm not across the viability of other candidates. If I lived there I'd make it a priority to investigate. The best candidates for parliament should get the best outcomes.
I hope the people see through the facade. Baird is little more than a polished Abbott. I hope the inaccuracy of polling is displayed today. I hope the people of NSW vote on the issues and #BootBaird.                                            

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Hockey no magician just very ordinary!

It is not an illusion not even a magic trick. Federal treasurer Joe Hockey takes his allowance when he stays at his family home in Canberra. This matter requires investigation by the relevant authorities.I assume them to be the AFP. An allowance comes from the taxes we pay. It is to cover expenses of staying away from home. It is not being used by Hockey in this way. He is using it for investment purposes,assuming of course that there is a mortgage which is unproven. It is possible that the property is owned fully.If so where is the cost to Mr Hockey? The home is apparently in three names his wife the major holder Joe and another family member. This matter should be audited. Hockey claims to be compliant with laws claims to believe in transparency. How is investing our money for his personal profit not gaining financial advantage via deception? There is no risk to Mr Hockey at all in this investment,only to the taxpayer.
This doesn't even account for the hypocrisy of Hockey. Using his allowance in this way when claiming the minions need to share the pain moving forward. It sickens me personally that any of our politicians would go down this path. If as Hockey claims in defence. "others are doing it " . They should also be audited and if profiting treated in the same way I hope Joe is by the authorities.
Now eleventy Joe Hockey has been gifted a plum role. He claims it's a privilege to serve us? When is he going to start? He has only ever shown signs of helping himself whenever he can.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A generic response from AFP regards s44.1

Yes, I am reporting a Commonwealth crime
  • Details:
Dear Sir /Madam, I wish to formally complain that the Prime Minister refuses to respond to allegations he has lied to the AEC in relation to his dual citizen status. Not only has he failed to provide renouncement documents. An FOI search has also stated from his office that these documents do not exist.Also adding credence to our belief that he is in breach, Peta Credlin has interfered In two previous FOI requests. Letters have been sent to the Attorney General Mr. Brandis, requesting that this crime be investigated and the documents are tabled in the House of Representatives.Ignoring a crime is an offence in itself. In 4 months we have not had a response from Mr. Brandis Mr. Keenan Mr. Dreyfus Mr. Shorten Mr. Thomson they are all in our eyes complicit in their apathy. If Tony Abbott has made false declarations to the AEC to run for parliament then his earnings and entitlements are proceeds of crime. His 20-year political career has no foundation. The Australian Constitution is and should be the foundation of Australian politics and adherence to its laws isn't optional and must be enforced. We have over 23,000 signatures on of Australian voters wanting this matter addressed. Based on the premise that Mr. Abbott has lied to the AEC prior to running for parliament. His earnings, allowances, and other entitlements are proceeds of crime.To refute this, all he has to do is show that he complied with the Constitution s44.1 by renouncing his UK Citizenship prior to running in 1994. regards Mark Dickenson

Whilst for privacy reasons I cannot provide you with the AFP response.Not mine theirs. I can tell you the response was well past the timeline required. It  also had no signs they were taking the issue seriously. Including the fact they have not made contact to seek any evidence I may have to support my claim. It seems authorities in Australia pick and choose when they look into compliance.Which must bring into question their integrity?

Saturday, 28 February 2015

It's not you Gillian it's them

The political system in Australia devours more than its politicians. Political parties have the power to appoint people to positions of power They can also fire people.There is no requirement for this to be done in the interest of the people or the integrity of the institutions they're appointed to. The primary purpose of this is not in any way to enhance these organisations.It's pure to control them.
When the attorney general's secretary approached Gillian Triggs with the enticement of another position, to get her to vacate her current one. He did so with the endorsement of his boss and his bosses boss. This is the modus operandi. It's how to erode the integrity of important roles. Replace a sincerely dedicated person with one to act as window dressing. Fortunately, Gillian called their bluff and continues to do her job with distinction.
It makes me wonder how many Government agencies have been corrupted in this way.How often have the Abbotts and Brandis of #auspol got their way in the past? How often have they got their puppets into roles?What have they actually corrupted?
Little wonder they refuse to entertain a federal ICAC branch when the need for one is so blatantly required.The community knows it. The community wants it. Yet the politicians ignore the desires of those who elect them because they know many of their careers would be jeopardised, perhaps ended by its establishment.
Whilst the Australian Human Rights Commission's report is important as is the issue of the report. I fear the agenda of the attack on Gillian Triggs doesn't register with most people. The victims and their futures are lost in the politics.This comes at a huge price to both the children I speak of and to our nation's reputation abroad.This children asylum detention issue has been burning away for 20+

years in front of various governments.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Brandis must go!

The Gillian Triggs attack is just the tip of the iceberg. The political interference in what are meant to be independent agencies is both unacceptable and unlawful. The Australian Human Rights Commission should be able to release findings table reports and publicly comment without interference from angry Ministers. This is fundamentally what is wrong with Australia. Many of these agencies are riddled with political appointments that tow the Govt line. The reaction of Abbott and now Brandis is clearly supporting evidence. It's now on the public record that Brandis via his secretary offered Triggs another role for falling on her sword. What was the role? How often does this happen? Why does it happen? Who investigates this?

Little doubt as to the reasons for these actions. The Govt wants to control public knowledge of this type of issue. They don't want adverse publicity on human rights issues. They want sycophants in charge to ensure it. It would appear the AFP investigate this matter. I lodged a complaint with the AFP in relation to the Abbott s44.1 alleged breach. They are still allegedly investigating although I have had absolutely no contact except for an extremely late nonresponse email about a month past the time they are required to respond. Is it because it was about the Abbott Govt? These agencies are meant to be totally independent of Govt.
The Freya Newman case where charges were drafted via the attorney general's office was another example of why they shouldn't be allowed to interfere.Yet they do. They do it in clandestine ways. Yet this time, they've been sprung because Gillian Triggs has the courage of her convictions. She is also clever enough with her vast legal experience, to dodge the Abbott knives.
I hope Brandis is removed pending any investigation.I doubt it will happen with Abbott in charge.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Hardly an endorsement

Well my mail was wrong My mail was 38 were for the spill. This is not an endorsement of the Abbott regime. Party etiquette says that 41 were obliged to vote for Abbott. The remaining 60 1 being absent 20 supported Abbott 39 voted for anybody else and one couldn't workout the how to vote form. This is to be continued.
Abbott has a tenuous hold on his job.The performance of both him and his Ministry is critical to his future.With a history of clangers and faux pas he needs a clean sheet from now until the end of the year.Lets face it he's doomed history alone says 18 day average between stuff ups. He's not popular anywhere apparently after today's vote.
Turnbull will no longer fear having a crack at Abbott.He will be wanting to move soon to ensure no one else covets the chalice. It's going to provide entertainment to reality tv buffs over the next few weeks. A coup is now inevitable