Saturday, 31 January 2015

#auspol Anything's possible

I've never been one who listens to the experts. Yesterdays Queensland election result was predictable to those of us that really listen. The LNP were given a whack. The reasons are many. The result is what matters. The biggest swing against a one term Government in #auspol history. Kudos to Queenslanders this morning for delivering this message with clarity.
A return of the Government would have ensured the fire sales of our assets continued. That the policies targeting the many to the benefit of the few continued. That environmental concerns regarding mining,the great barrier reef would have been realised. It would have endorsed bad behavior from politicians nationally.
Instead Queensland has a fresh start. They can tackle corruption via ICAC. They can protect and grow the States assets. They can reduce the waste of Government. They must ensure that the policies they drive are formulated with the interests of those they serve always at the forefront.