Wednesday, 14 January 2015

"#auspol the revolving door"

Australian politics is not as it should be. The observation is apolitical. It is meant to be the tail that wags the dog. Yet it seems whoever's in place there are always  external agendas driving decisions.The interests of the communities they serve are only relevant for the small window leading into elections.
Apart from the failure to represent interests of the electorate, the greatest damage #auspol does to the community is the appointments they make while in power. These appointments are designed to enable, control and further influence decisions and policies.It's organised corruption.It's been evolving in #auspol for generations unchecked. It's all about maintaining the status quo. Keeping the wolves from the door. 
The resistance of mainstream parties in #auspol to a federal ICAC is fundamentally due to the skeletons they both have hidden from the public. How else could you explain the failure to act?The events in NSW State politics show that investigation is the only way to unravel what's happening. The only way we will get this is to break the #auspol cycle.
Voters must not just bounce between major parties. They need to get people that will represent their interests in parliament. The cyclical replacement of Labor for LNP and vice versa just doesn't do it anymore.We don't need to reward mediocrity. Don't think this is an endorsement of the Greens or Palmer United it is anything but. It's an indictment on the talent on offer in #auspol. It's a reflection on the lack of care all of these parties show in preselection and the lacklustre people on offer.
I really hope people are learning from the experiences over the past 5 years in particular.We really need to stop drinking from a well that's clearly tainted. The people of Australia should be the focus of #auspol year round not just during the blusterous lead up to elections.