Monday, 26 January 2015

Finally an MP has asked our PM about his renouncement

It's been over a year trying to find an honest politician to ask our PM if he has renouncement papers. Finally, Terri Butler has gone where Brandis, Thomson, Dreyfus, Keenan, Cosgrove the AFP the Ombudsman and others have failed to go. Whilst her letter is carefully worded and she doesn't believe Abbott has a case to answer.She has asked him for the key document, that could have ended this issue long ago. The renouncement papers that Mr Abbott must have to be eligible to be in parliament since 1994. Terri is right, Abbott has been asked about this and she believes he can be taken at his word. Abbott has demonstrated he is prepared to lie to escape scrutiny over the issue after issue. We must sight the document and it must be authenticated
I hope that if Abbott fails to respond to this request that all of our letters and Tony Magrathea research can be tabled in both houses and we can have an inquiry into the entire matter.Including the long line of people that have slept through it.

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