Monday, 12 January 2015

"Oh what a tangled web Abbott has weaved."

As the days turn into weeks, the weeks to months it becomes blatantly clear that a document that's meant to be revered by our politicians means little or nothing. I'm referring to the Australian Constitution. Politicians including George Brandis, Kelvin Thomson, Mark Dreyfus, Michael Keenan, Bill Shorten and, of course, Tony Abbott have all failed in their duty. To report a breach of the law that they were all notified of over the course of the past year.
Also failing to act in relation to this broken law the Governor General Peter Cosgrove, The Commonwealth Ombudsman and the AFP. From all of these politicians and authorities, I have got 1 response in 12 months. The Commonwealth Ombudsman who claims this matter is not his jurisdiction. I phoned to dispute this and was promised a phone call which never came. I hope these people don't think that by burying their heads in the sand it gives them deniability.All of them have obligations to notify when informed of a crime, none has done so.
                          An FOI request some months ago confirmed that the PM's office has no documents showing Tony Abbott renounced his dual Citizenship prior to running for parliament. There is also clear evidence that Mr. Abbott travelled on a UK passport and had a UK citizenship when attending Oxford on a scholarship. This alone suggests that he may not have complied with law s44.1 Australian Constitution. On top of this, there is the conduct of his P.A Peta Credlin who stuck her nose in a couple of FOI requests made during the past 12 months. Not part of her job description. Most damning is the failure of the Federal Attorney General to enforce the Constitution. Brandis and Abbott are lifelong mates but the law and its enforcement without prejudice are his jobs irrespective of friendship.                                                    
                            All formerly mentioned are complicit via apathy, not knowing their responsibilities is not an excuse.I hope when this matter is forced via a High Court application that they face consequences.
                           Why is s44.1 important? It's important because it's a prerequisite of all politicians to be solely Australian Citizens with the nation's interests at heart. Compliance doesn't guarantee we get what we want from the politician to act in our interests. If we waive the law we lower the bar. We allow people to run for parliament on the premise of a lie. If they lie about their citizenship what else are they capable of? 23,000.000 Australians surely we can find 200+ honest ones that don't need to lie to get a job.
                            I'm not satisfied with Abbott he's proven to consistently lie at the voters expense.I intend to pursue this issue to its conclusion as I think we deserve probity from our politicians particularly from the highest office in the land, not what Tony Abbott is serving.

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